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Mature content
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Mature content
He came from the stars. 2 :icontokyo-lover2:tokyo-lover2 3 16
Mature content
He came from the stars. 2 :icontokyo-lover2:tokyo-lover2 3 17
Mature content
He came from the stars. 2 :icontokyo-lover2:tokyo-lover2 2 4
He came from the stars. 2
Back to the Hunters's World.
Part 3. (1)
Sixth month. Fourth day of the third week.
Emma just entered the controlling room and found some seats occupied. She went near the pilot posts and stood there for a while, behind Ter'kan's seat, looking through the window. The sky was becoming brighter as they were approaching the planet. The leader sensed her presence behind. He turned and said:
"We will land soon!..."
Emma smiled then moved away and sat. Her feelings were a mix of happiness and anxiety. She had been waiting for this since months and still at this very moment she couldn't believe what she was experiencing. She was about to land on a planet that she'd been totally unaware of less than a year ago. She will enter into that new world and start a new life.
The landing process just started and the ship was encountering slight turbulence. Emma was sitting still, concentrating on the tremors that were shaking the ship vertically from time to time. She had her eyes fixed o
:icontokyo-lover2:tokyo-lover2 2 3
Mature content
He came from the stars. 2 :icontokyo-lover2:tokyo-lover2 2 3


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Back to the Hunters's World.

Part 6.

Seventh month. First day of the second week.

Three days later during the first hours of the afternoon...

Ter'kan was training Emma. There was no fight involved but they were rather focusing on the ways Emma should hold her new weapon for accurate strikes. Ter'kan was correcting the position of her arm each time there was the tiniest difference from the result he wished and knew was good for her. Emma was repeating the same movements countless times becoming almost tedious but necessary in order to achieve a satisfactory progression of her new level. That was hard and tiring but she still loved it.

During a break Ter'kan praised her efforts, also reminding her verbally the correct position of her arm required for the latest handling lesson of her weapon. They trained for another hour, this time concentrating on the most difficult stage of the lesson. Ter'kan was correcting the position of Emma's hand on the extended combistick when, all of a sudden the special ring tone that announces visitors resounded in the training room. Emma asked while she was placing her hand on the right part that Ter''kan just showed her:

"Are you waiting for someone?
-Yes!...Yesterday Alrik'taden promised to visit us again any time soon!..."
A smile enlightened her beautiful face.
"I'm happy!...I already started missing his presence!...
-I bet he's feeling the same!...I'm going to check!..."

Ter'kan left the training room. Emma continued practicing what the leader just taught her. A minute went then another and another and he hasn't appeared yet.  As she was getting more curious and impatient at the same time, she put her weapon away on the floor near the wall then went and checked things by herself. When she entered that circular room decorated with the beautiful lamps, she saw Ter'kan standing in the middle of the doorway, talking to two females who had the same dressing style like those she met outside some days earlier. One of them had her hand on  Ter'kan's right forearm. Emma was standing at distance behind him. She asked:

"What are you doing?"

He turned:
"Emma!...I will be back with you in a moment!..."

He continued talking to the females. Emma went back to the training room with a sad expression on her face.  Soon after, Ter'kan joined her and started explaining the situation because Emma was staring at him with a sad expression on her face.

"Lovely!...I didn't mean to interrupt our lesson for so long but I couldn't get rid of those females easily!..."
She sighed, looking at him visibly annoyed. Ter'kan added because he knew what was going on inside her mind:
"They are just friends!...They heard about my return so they came to greet me!..."
They stared at each other for a few seconds. Emma asked:
"Do they hang round you because they want you?"
-I knew it!...Tell me!...Are they the ones you had relation with before you traveled to Earth months ago?"
He paused before answering.
He paused again then added:
"There is only one!..."
Emma turned pale.
"Who is it?

She sighed. Tears appeared in her eyes.
"I have the feeling there is more than friendship between you and her!...
-No!...Not anymore!...She is just a friend!..."
She sighed then said loudly:
-I don't believe you!..."

She started crying. Ter'kan approached her but she rejected him. She ran away from him and went to the bedroom, shouting:
"Don't touch me!...Leave me alone!..."

Ter'kan stood still in the middle of the training room for a while, confused, listening to the fit of tears that was coming from the bedroom. He didn't make any other attempt because he knew she won't listen so he prepared himself and went out on a solitary hunting party because he needed moments of solitude himself.

Emma cried several times during that afternoon. She was wandering inside the house, thinking constantly about the conversation she had with her love leader. She was sad, tormented by jealousy and doubt.

Later that evening Ter'kan wasn't back yet.  She spent some time outside in the garden, hoping he would be back anytime soon but he didn't. After much struggle to stay awake, Emma slept alone, feeling tired and sad.

Seventh month. Second day of the second week.

Emma woke up the next morning and found Ter'kan sleeping next to her. She raised herself into a sitting position and looked at him. Unavoidably she started thinking again about the occurrence that took place the previous day. She observed him for a while then got off the bed and went to the bathing room in order to proceed with her daily washing and preparation. She burst into tears as soon as she found herself alone in there. She sat on the floor with her back leaning against the wall. 

Meanwhile Ter'kan just opened his eyes. He listened for a few seconds a bit confused then got off the bed immediately because he heard Emma crying in the bathing room. He hurried inside. Emma looked at him for a few seconds then got up and threw herself into his arms. 

Ter'kan picked her off the ground and held her in his embrace. She kept crying with her arms around his neck. Ter'kan said, holding her tight against his chest:

"I missed you, love!..."
She wrapped her arms around his neck even more. She said, sighing:
"I missed you too!...I missed you so much!...
-I don't want to see tears in those beautiful eyes anymore!..."
She said, looking at him:
"I can't help it!...You made me sad when you told me what those females were up too!...
-You are the only one I love and desire!..."
She hugged him again, taken by another surge of affection.
"I love you so much too!...I can't stand seeing all those females hanging round you!...
-I know!...
-I can't tolerate each time they approach you and run their hands on you!...It feels like they take you away from me!..."
He caressed her.
"No one will never separate us!..."

Now she was looking into his eyes again. He continued explaining.
"It isn't easy to stop them!...
-Did you tell them you wish to have a love relation with me alone?
-Yes, I did but most of them don't care!...It's their way of living and thinking!...Remember what I told you first time you saw the settlement!...Almost every male or female seeks enjoyment with others than his or her favourite mate!...
-I remember!...It's all about culture but I also have my own way of thinking that's why it's hard to accept it!...
-I'm aware of that and understand your feelings but I'd like you to stop doubting about me!...You do know how much you mean to me!..."
She nodded, smiling. They embraced once more then he put her down. She said:

"I was about to take a shower!...How about having it together?"
He caressed her right cheek.
"I'd love that!..."

First they spent sensual and funny time in the shower, washing and caressing each other from time to time then ate fruits they picked from the garden together. That's when Emma asked him:
"Where did you go yesterday?
-I went on a small, solitary hunting party!...I got the animal that looks like an ox from Earth but smaller!...You know the one who has four horns!...
-Oh, really? I love the taste of its meat!...
-That's why I got that one!...We will have enough meat for the coming weeks!..."
She smiled.
"I'll prepare delicious dishes with it!...
-I can't wait to discover more of your cooking talents!..."

Ter'kan trained Emma during the morning hours before leaving the house because he had many important duty matters to deal with.

Emma spent the rest of her afternoon hours, getting busy with different tasks inside the house and watching how Yu'dai was working in the garden as well.  By now she really got accustomed to his presence and for some reasons his attitude reminded her of Mar'ten's. He was polite, always ready to help and a bit shy. 

Yu'dai left, towards the end of the afternoon. Emma decided to spend time outside on the covered terrace, lying on the thin mattress. There was big glass of water put on the table . Emma was unwinding with her eyes shut, listening to the distant sounds of the nearby forest, waiting for Ter'kan's return. The weather was really pleasant, especially since a light breeze was cooling the air from time to time. 

When Ter'kan came back later that night, he found her, still lying outside on the terrace. Ter'kan crouched down next to her. Emma raised herself into a sitting position then engaged into a amorous conversation with him.

"Good evening, my Ter'kan!...
-Good evening, lovely!..."
He took her face between his hands.
"I've been so busy today!...Still, I had thoughts of you constantly!...I missed you!...
-I missed you too!...It's always hard when you are away from me for so long!...
She kissed his hand. He said:
"Let's spend some time in the bathing room that has a good overall view on the garden!...
-That's a wonderful idea!..."
They got up and went down stairs. Ter'kan opened the two high, sliding doors and entered, holding hands. He pushed two big buttons embedded in the wall near the door and the pool started filling with water. Meanwhile they got naked and started caressing each other slowly. A moment later they were sitting in the water, still caressing each other.  A tender conversation at the same time led them gradually, to make love. 

Ter'kan got out of the water, carrying her in his arms. Emma had her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He approached the nearest wall so Emma could lean her back against it.  He grabbed onto the backs of her thighs and held them against his hips, lifting her up then pushed his back into the wall for leverage. He penetrated her and started thrusting, looking into her eyes. Emma was moaning, caressing his face or shoulders from time to time. Once it was over they returned into the water and spent another tender moment together. Later that night, they went to bed happy and the sad incident forgotten.

Seventh month. Seventh day of the second week.

A few days later at the end of the afternoon Ter'kan left the house, promising he will be back later that night. Emma kept herself busy with various tasks. Alrik'taden visited her during the early evening hours when she was sitting alone in the weapons room, looking at some pieces. His visit came as a very good surprise.

"Good evening, Emma!...How are you?
-Good evening!...I'm fine!...I'm happy to see you again!...
-Me too!...My father asked me to tell you that he'll be very busy during the whole night!...He won't be back until tomorrow morning!...He asked me to keep you company!..."
Emma laughed softly.
"Your father is so kind!...I love the idea!..."
She paused for a few seconds then asked:
"Would you like to sit outside on the terrace? We will continue our conversation, drinking something!...
-Yes, please!...
-Good!...Make yourself comfortable!...I'll join you with a tray in a moment!..."

Alrik'taden went up stairs whereas Emma retired in the kitchen. She prepared a tray, displaying on a plate small pieces of cold meat and fruits with two jugs. One contained water and the other one fruit juice. When she joined Alrik'taden up stairs, holding the tray, she found him, sitting on the floor. She put the tray on the sculpted table then sat on in front of him. She smiled then said again:

"Your visit makes me happy!...
-I like talking to you!...
-I also like talking to you!..."
She paused then added:
"I wish your father was here with us too!...I always miss him so much each time he's away for too long!...
-I know how important my father is for you!...He explained many things about your relationship but I'd like to hear things from you as well!...
-Did he tell you about the circumstances that brought us together?
-Of course!...It was a sad and scary day for you!...
-It was indeed!...Your father saved my life then proposed his help which I accepted ,after hesitation, because I was totally on my own in a dangerous and lonely place!...I mean, I had no choice!...
-I understand your feelings!...
-At the beginning, I was scared and very impressed because your father was not human!...I told myself let's take the risk and see what's gonna happen so I accepted to go with him!...I remember we walked through the forest!...I was emotionally and physically very tired so I asked for a rest!...That was when your father proposed to carry me!...Surprisingly, it was such a blissful feeling as soon as I was next to him and ended up falling asleep in his arms!...I woke up the next morning on board the ship!...Your father visited me twice that day with his face still masked!...We had long conversations and learnt about each other!...It didn't take us long to realize that we were attracted to each other physically and emotionally!...I must admit I was already attracted to him physically the very first time I saw him in the Amazonian forest even though I didn't know how his face looked like!...

-How did you feel first time you saw his face?
-To be honest with the first sight, I...found him quite unpleasant to look at but then... it didn't take long for my admiration to kick in and I started loving our differences!...I fell in love with him completely once I added his amazing and beautiful personality!..."
Arik'taden paused. He looked at her with an satisfying expression in his eyes then asked:
"Can you describe the feelings of love you have for my father?"

Emma smiled.

"I love your father because he has the qualities I've always thought that a male must have!...First of all he's physically very attractive!...He has a commanding presence and a firm authority without being oppressive!...He is intelligent, generous, patient, kind, caring!...He always chooses what is the best for me, for us!...He helps me to achieve my goals!...He is also an astounding master!..."

She paused then added with a lovely and embarrassing smile at the same time"

"And...a very good lover too!...
-Now I can fully understand the way you think about my father and why you love him so much!...I admire you for this!...I think our friendship will become stronger because we equally admire him!...
-He taught me many wonderful things in order to see life beautifully!...
-I know him very well and I agree with you!..."

Alrik'taden started eating. He continued talking to Emma who took great satisfaction, evoking more memories that she had with Ter'kan in the past. She was happy because that was what she always wished since the day she left Earth. Alrik'taden really enjoyed her speech and didn't hesitate to ask questions. He kept her company till late in the night. When he left the house, they both realized that something exceptional has been added into their friendship. Something that would last forever. Emma went to bed after having made a bit of cleaning in the kitchen. She fell asleep with a feeling of content achievement.

Emma woke up the next morning and found Ter'kan lying on his side next to her. She changed her position, snuggling up to him. He caressed her hair, saying:
"Good morning, love!..."
She answered with a bit of sleepy voice:
"Good morning, my Ter'kan!..."
He continued caressing her slowly. Another silence followed. Emma seemed to doze again. She moved after a while, taking Ter'kan's hand in hers. They started talking, still snuggling up to each other. 
"Yesterday I spent such a pleasant time with Alrik'taden!...His visit has definitively strengthened our friendship even more!...I like him very much!...
-I'm glad to hear that and I'm sure he feels the same for you!...You must expect him to visit us often for the coming days because he will have to return with his grand-father after a week or so!...
-He's welcome any time!...Also, I know he can't stay with us indefinitely!..."

She snuggled up to him again and shut her eyes. They took another rest then got off the bed and carried on with important daily routines. They had pleasant times together, especially during the training hours. For the next two weeks, their relation will be as harmonious and loving as before and no other argue will ever disrupt their happiness again.

Seventh month. Seventh day of the fourth week.

Two weeks later during the morning hours...

Terkan and Emma were sitting in the dining room, enjoying the meal they just finished preparing together. They had rather an erotic conversation, especially since Ter'kan's body scent underwent such a significant change for the past two days that it couldn't be ignored any longer. Emma was obviously very intrigued and didn't hesitate to ask questions.

"At first I thought that was a coincidence then as your body scent became even stronger, I realized there must be for a special reason!...A reason that might be related to...sexual matter?
-It is related to sex and for a very good reason!...
-Ah!...What is that reason?
-It's an very important time for my species!...It's mating season!..."
Emma laughed softly then said:
"It's an important moment indeed!...Could you tell me more about sex and reproduction among your species!...I believe sex is used for many other purposes than those you've already explained!...Especially if it takes place during the mating season!...
-True!...A male or a female can choose to have sex with a partner only for political reasons or recognition!...It helps to strengthen the relation between individuals with power!...
-I see!...I'm sure feelings of love are rarely present in unions like these!...
-How boring!..."

A silence followed. Emma ate a few pieces of vegetables then continued the conversation, asking about females behaviour during sex.
"I've seen how violent females can be when it comes to flirting only so I'd like you to describe the way they act during sex?
-Tenderness and patience are something that the great majority don't know about!...They ask, giving very little or nothing at all!...And if they are not pleased the way they want so males will have rough times!...The most common and worst scenario?  When the male comes too early, leaving the female unsatisfied!...Do you know that males died because of this?
-That's foolish and cruel!...And guess what? The more I hear about your females the more I become uncomfortable about them!..."

She paused then added:
"I bet they express their pleasure violently too!...
-What do they do?
-They scratch and bite more or less!...They can be very vocal too!...It depends on the intensity of the pleasure!...Some sex sessions can become quite bloody with males having their chests or backs marked by cuts!..."
She looked at him, dumbfounded then said:
"You've got to be kidding!...Why do they get scratches on theirs backs or chests?
-It depends on the position!...If the male is on the top his back will suffer but if it's the female who's on the top, the male's chest will suffer!...
-Sex among your species is not meant to be tender and romantic even though, n some cases, there are feelings of love!...

Emma paused again then said:

"Now I finally understood why I brought so much change into your sexual life!...I remember that beautiful sentence you told me first time we made love!...
-That was a moment I will never forget!..."
Emma smiled. She drank a glass of water then stood up.
"I'm done!...
-Me too!..."

They cleared the table then devoted the following hours to the training before Ter'kan decided to leave the house because he had important duty matters and meetings.

When Ter'kan came back later that afternoon, Emma noticed a significant change in his behaviour. It seemed he needed to speak about something but had troubles expressing it because he perfectly knew Emma would react with sadness and disappointment.
As she was becoming more and more puzzled by the situation, she asked him questions which he answered calmly without hesitation.

"Emma, lovely I want you to know that what I'm about to tell you won't change anything into our relationship!..."
Emma was staring at him intensively. He felt the urge to continue.
"Tonight, I'm going to meet with someone!...It's the youngest daughter of an Elder!...You know the mating season has just started so...she wants me to sire her first pup!..."

Emma turned pale. She asked, visibly worried :
"Will you go?
-Yes, I will!..."
Emma turned even paler.
"Ter'kan!...No!...You can't do this!...
-Emma!...You know who is she!...You know our culture and why she chose me!..."
She asked after a very brief silence with teary eyes:
"Does she like you?
-Yes!...Very much!..."
She paused then asked with a strangled voice, ready to burst into tears:
"And you? Do you like her?
-Yes but that's not the main reason!...There are political reasons involved as well!...Remember? We spoke about that!...I can't refuse her!...
They stared at each other a few seconds. Ter'kan added:
"I told you there is nothing changed into our relation!...Anyway...I must go!...I'll see you tonight!..."

Ter'kan left the circular training room and engaged into the corridor. Emma followed him and grabbed his arm. He stopped and looked at her. She was supplicating him:
"Please, don't go!...Don't do this!..."
Ter'kan looked at her briefly then took her hand off his arm gently and left the house.

Emma sat on the floor and burst into tears immediately after. She cried for a long time. When her fit of tears was over she wandered inside the home or even outside the garden. She wandered with feelings of jealousy, sadness and despair until she burst into tears again.

That night Ter'kan broke his promise and didn't come back. This worsened the situation. Emma stayed awake all night then after much struggle, she threw herself on the bed and ended up falling asleep an hour before dawn.
i think visual sexuality is so taboo for some
i mean they dare to comment and-or fav on a sexual text BUT they do not comment or fav on sexual pic.  
yeah right! :D
Fan art. Together again!
This drawing was made by a kind and talented friend of mine ( not a deviant) who just discovered Book 2 of my Yautja  fan fiction 'He came from the stars.' She loves the way story progresses and thinks Emma will accept Seki'sen again. She will end up having a threesome with Ter'kan just like in the drawing above. She kindly :) allowed me to submit her drawing temporarily. Funny fact! You decide which one is Ter'kan or Seki'sen.
Sorry for being late with my replies but I had an unhappy moment. Besides my work keeps me busy too. I will get back to you very soon.

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These are excerpts from drafts of my very first Predator fan fiction written in both French and English. At that time the title was Ter'kan and Emma and the plot was very different from the work I named later 'He came from the stars.' Also my apology if sometimes spelling and punctuation are not correct. Once again remember these are just drafts. ***French parts are written in bold.***


Ils se reposerent encore pour un bon moment ensuite ils se leverent pour se preparer. Emma fut  prete la premiere.Evidemment elle  ne pu resister au besoin  d’interroger Ter’kan sur chaque chose  qu’il remettait sur lui. Elle –meme faisait des commentaires. Ter’kan  surpris et satisfait a la fois lui expliquait avec patience.  Elle trouva les lames qu’il avait a son poignet  tres pratiques et  redoutables le canon qu’il avait sur l’epaule  lui plu beaucoup  des qu’elle en su  l’utilisation.  Elle frissonna  a la vue de son poignard  aussi grand qu’une epee. Puis ce fut le cote pratique  de la trousse medicale de secours  qui  l’etonna.  Par contre il y avait  un autre  container  beaucoup plus grand que la trousse medicale sur lequel il ne dit rien.  Emma constata  ce refus et prefera ne rien demander. Ensuite elle trouva  son shuriken tres chic. son smart disc la seduisa  autant.  L’armure lui parrut  compliquee a porter et s’emerveilla de  la rapidite avec laquelle Ter’kan la remettait sur lui.  Quant au  filet  qu’il avait sur les bras, les cuisses et le torse, d’abord elle pensa ,au grand amusement deTer’kan, que c’etait juste pour faire plus sexy mais fut tres etonnee de la veritable utilite. En effet ce truc aidait Ter’kan a reguler la temperature de son corps .  Il y eut des longues explications  sur le gadget qu’il portait  a son poignet gauche. emma  appelait ca le mini  ordinateur  et fut tres seduite  des taches que cette merveille  technologique pouvait effectuer.  Ensuite il lui montra une lance aux bouts pointus coupants comme des rasoirs  qu’il portait toujours accrochee  dans le dos. Apres l’explication du masque  elle comprit enfin combien cette piece lui etait utile et pourquoi il la portait si souvent.  Mais ce fut le combi stick  qui eut un grand success. Elle fut tres enchantee qu’en simple baton de metal  au depart , pouvait se transformer en une arme si efficace.


Or un apres-midi vers la fin du second mois ils occupaient a eux seuls toute une salle d’entrainement. Ce jour la allait etre different des autres. Ter’kan decida qu’on utiliserait de vraies armes  pour mener l’entrainement. Et pour la premiere fois emma eut a combattre avec un combistick. Elle etait assez nerveuse mais ne le montra pas. Ter’kan prit le sien et dit d’une voix autoritaire:

“from now on the REAL  thing will start! show me what you are capable of! ATTACK!”

Alors elle l’attaqua avec les memes gestes qu’elle avait apprit, se defendant avec les memes coups d’adresse qu’elle avait tant de fois repete. mais on voyait bien qu’elle n’avait plus ni la ferocite ni le courage que lorsqu’elle utilisait un simple baton en bois. Elle n’arrivait plus  a parer les coups dangereux avec rapidite et coordination ainsi qu’elle en avait l’habitude. son attaque avait l’air d’etre comme a son debut. Elle etait hesitante avec un peu la peur de faire mal.  Après 3 minutes de combat tous ces changements etaient devenus si evidents que ter’kan  lui-meme revint aux techniques qu’il avait eu l’habitude d’utiliser aux tous premiers jours de l’entrainement, sentant que la guerriere qui, peu a peu ,avait commence a naitre en elle, avait, tout a coup, disparu. Il ordonna l’arret après un dernier coup pare puis dit d’une voix mecontente: 


“emma what happened to you?  you are as weak as in the beginning!

-yes, I realize that! it must be because of the change. Today i use a real weapon for the first time that i am not accustom to besides I am afraid of being hurt.

- I understand your feeling but if you want fast and efficient progress we must use real weapons. as you became so good with a wooden stick I decided it was time for you to start and handle weapons. Besides I chose the combistick because I know you love it.”

Emma sourit puis ajouta:

“well just holding and playing with it, it is one thing but using it for fighting is another”

Ter’kan eut une expression sublime d’encouragement:

“then why don’t you use that playing matter for fighting?  If you love it then use it with passion , fight with passion and don’t be afraid.”

Emma ria puis dit d’un air convaincu:

“you are so right! Let’s do it again!”

Et tout a coup elle sauta vers l’avant en essayant de toucher ter’kan  avec la pointe de sa lance. L’attaque fut rapide et donna a ter’kan juste le temps de parer le coup en faisant deux pas vers l’arriere. Elle recommenca en heurtant avec grande force l’arme de ter’kan avec la sienne. il arriva a parer le coup, son bras flechit en meme temps. il dit, tres satisfait:

“there is my fierce and lovely fighter!”

Alors pendant cinq bonnes minutes emma attaqua, se defendit avec toute la force et l’adresse, utilisant les prouesses de kung fu et les techniques de combat que ter’kan lui avait apprit.  Il fallait voir comme elle maniait son combistick avec tant d’adresse, de precision et sans crainte.  Elle se deplacait en prenant toujours la bonne pose, en utilisant le bon angle et avec la force de ses  bras attaquait au point qu’elle croyait le plus vulnerable. Et si quelqu’un l’aurait vue il aurait jure que cette belle plante n’avait fait que ca depuis toute petite. Cependant le combat se deroulait toujours. Et plus elle utilisait sa force et son adresse, plus ter’kan renforcait sa defense et permettait ainsi a emma de faire sortir le meilleur d’elle meme. Mais soudain ayant sans doutes mal calcule son coup, emma reussit a l’atteindre au bras gauche. Du sang coula. Ils continuerent encore pendant une minute avant de decider de s’arreter. Ter’kan s’exclama  en felicitant emma:

“excellent! It is a good proof that you are improving.

-yes, I am happy I followed your advice.”

- Let’s start again!”



Le troisieme mois allait bientot s’achever. Les amours de ter’kan et d’emma ne cessaient de s’accroitre. la passion qu’ils se vouaient les accompagnait dans toutes les taches qu’ils executaient ensemble. Ils  se respectaient,s’ecoutaient. Ce qui donnait une relation tres harmonieuse.  Pendant les moments d’entrainement au plus fort de la bataille ils adoraient se defier. Ils se seduisaient a chaque fois qu’ils croisaient leurs armes  et que leurs visages se rapprochaient. Quand emma reussissait un bon coup, ter’kan montrait sa satisfaction avec un soupcon d’envie ou il se promettait la revanche prochaine. Elle le tourmentait avec un petit rire chaque fois qu’elle le touchait après des minutes de combat acharne avec l’air de dire qu’apres tout ce n’etait pas si difficile de combattre un geant tel que lui. Ter’kan regardait sa blessure puis la fixait avec un regard  expressif et sensuel a la fois. Il se disait que pour ca , ce n’est pas sur le terrain d’entrainement qu’il aura sa revanche mais autre part. Ainsi, parfois  ils adoraient se posseder après un long entrainement sans eprouver la moindre fatigue. Bien au contraire  leur imagination debordait et ils ne connaissaient pas de limites pour s’aimer.


Quand ter’kan n’entrainait pas emma il veillait a la gestion et la bonne entente du clan. Il etait tres respecte. Il partait pour la chasse presque toutes les nuits, seul ou avec d’autres et ne revenait que juste avant l’aube. Parfois il arrivait qu’emma n’avait pas le sommeil facile alors elle attendait son retour en s’occupant a un tas de choses. La salle des equipements etait son endroit prefere. Elle allait aussi  s’asseoir dans la grande cabine de bord sur le fauteuil meme du premier pilote.   


 au debut du 8eme mois ter’kan mentionna le fait que lui et les siens partiront ce meme mois. C’est a partir de ce moment qu’il s’opera chez emma un changement. La reallite de la situation s’exposait a elle. Tant qu’elle etait restee sur Terre petit a petit elle avait reussit a s’integrer a sa toute nouvelle vie avec ses etres venus d’ailleurs qu’elle avait fini par accepter et apprecier. Son amour pour ter’kan etait devenu tres fort et elle savait que plus jamais elle n’aimerait un autre autant que lui. elle avait decide de quitter son espece sans regrets. Un grand sacrifice qu’elle avait toujours ete prete a faire le jour ou il lui faudra s’en aller  avec lui et vivre dans son monde si different du sien. Pourtant depuis que ce moment n’allait plus tarder, peu a peu un doute s’etait empare d’elle. Des doutes auxquels jusque la, elle n’avait pas encore pense. Un jour de la 2eme semaine ter’kan declara que le depart se ferra a la fin du mois. Emma se sentait sous pression car elle n’avait pas encore ose faire part a ter’kan de ses nouvelles frayeurs. Pendant la 3eme semaine son stress augmenta mais prefera toujours garder le silence. *au debut de la 4eme semaine  elle se confessa enfin sachant que le depart serait imminent dans quelques jours.Un soir elle parla avec ter’kan pour lui apprendre la triste nouvelle car après s’etre interrogee et torture l’ame elle decida malgre sa douleur qu’elle ne partirait pas avec lui. 


“ter’kan there is something you must know and I swear it is very difficult for me. I thought about it and tried but I will not be able to go further with.

-what is it? You started  worrying me.

-I am so sorry but I realized I won’t be able to come with you.”

La phrase resonna, douloureuse et inattendue.Le visage de ter’kan prit une expression de grande tristesse. Il la fixa dans les yeux puis dit:

“why? Why this?”

Elle commenca a pleurer.

“ I am scared of the unknown. I have been always ready but since the time has really come I don’t have the courage anymore. I couldn’t face the challenges I was ready for. Please try to understand me! understand my fears.”

Il ne disait toujours rien, continuait de la fixer Elle reprit en pleurant plus fort.

“oh!I love you! I love you so much but I tried so hard and I failed.  Really! I can not come with you. Forgive me! I ……”

Elle ne pouvait plus continuer tellement sa voix etait etranglee par les sanglots. Ter’kan dit après un silence.

 I love you too but if this is your choice I respect it. I will not try to make you change your mind because I want you to be happy the way you think is suitable for you…….and don’t worry! I am not angry with you….. When do you want to leave?


-alright! how can I help you?

-  I remember there was a village not far from my camp. I know there is a bus departure from there for a much bigger town. I think it is good idea to go there and get in touch with some people I know.

- I will take you there. We will leave tomorrow before the sun rises. Get ready!”


il se leva et partit, le visage toujours triste. Emma le regarda sortir. Elle pleurait toujours. Elle passa le reste de la nuit a reflechir et preparer ses affaires. Elle emporta tout ce qu’elle avait reussi a ramasser du camp après l’attaque. Elle decouvrit meme de l’argent au fond d’une petite poche dans laquelle elle n’avait jamais dedaigne fouiller.C’etait une aubaine car comment aurait-elle fait? Ca l’aiderait a payer son voyage et d’autres petites depenses.Elle circulait a travers la chambre, le coeur serre par le chagrin ,pensant que tres bientot elle ne verra plus jamais cet endroit ou elle et ter’kan s’etaient tant aimes. Quand le moment arriva elle prit son sac et attendit sur le lit sachant que ter’kan serait la d’un moment a l’autre. Il se presenta, le visage toujours triste,charge de son equipement.


“good morning! Are you ready?

-good morning! Yes! …..I was waiting for you!

- let’s go!.”

Ils sortirent.En debouchant dans la salle ronde de sortie ils tomberent sur quelques membres du clan qui etaient la pour la regarder partir. les portes s’ouvrirent. Ter’kan descendit la rampe le premier. Emma le suivit après avoir jette un dernier coup d’oeil derriere elle. il faisait toujours nuit. Ils marchaient cote a cote sans rien se dire. Le jour commencait a se pointer. Il y eut un court arret. Ter’kan lui donna a boire mais ne lui adressa pas la parole. Après une longue marche il annonca enfin qu’ils etaient arrives aux alentours du camp. Quand ils deboucherent sur les lieux, emma fut surprise de voir la place vide ou jadis  il y avaient les caravannes.elle lui indiqua que le village se trouvait  5 minutes a pieds en suivant la route vers la gauche  du cote le plus l’accompagna de loin un bout de chemin. Lui reste dans la foret pour ne pas etre vu, elle seule sur la route.Le moment des adieux etait venu. Elle retourna pres de lui. il attendait avec son masque dans la main . Ils avaient tous les deux le visage triste. Elle parla la premiere, fit des efforts pour ne pas pleurer.

“good bye ter’kan! It was such a wonderful experience to know you. surely! I will never forget you!

-good bye emma! It was also very nice for me to meet you. You will stay in my memory forever.”

Ils se fixerent un instant puis ter’kan dit:

“go! now!”

Ter’kan la regarda s’eloigner. emma se retourna pour le regarder aussi une derniere fois puis remonta sur la route. Et ce fut tout. Elle se dirigea vers le village dont elle voyait deja les premieres maisons de loin. Un peu plus tard quand elle arriva sur la place du village a cote d’une maison qui ressemblait en meme temps a un restaurant et un magasin, elle appercut le bus qui attendait deja rempli a moitie malgre l’heure matinale. D’abord elle acheta une bouteille de jus avant de monter dans le bus.elle paya son billet et pris place a cote de la fenetre a gauche sur la cinquieme rangee.elle commenca a observer autour d’elle car tout a coup cela lui parrut tres etrange de se retrouver encore parmi les humains après ces huit mois passes avec ter’kan et les siens. Elle les analysait comme si c’etait la premiere fois de sa vie qu’elle en voyait. Un quart d’heure s’ecoula.  il eut un movement.On allait partir. une femme avec un petit garcon  monterent a la derrniere minute.

Les portes se refermerent et le bus se mit en route. En sortant du village on repassa par le chemin d’ou emma etait venue. des larmes mouillerent ses yeux au moment ou elle regarda brievement l’endroit de la foret duquel elle etait sortie après avoir dit adieu a ter’kan .une tristesse immense la serra a la gorge. son coeur battait fort. Elle se sentit miserable et desesperee. Deux minutes se passerent quand tout a coup elle eclata en sanglots. Les gens se retournerent pour la regarder. Les uns etonnes , d’autres  attristes en echangeant des paroles. Alors emma se leva comme affolee et cria au chauffeur de s’arreter.Celui-ci obeit de suite. Elle se precipita vers la porte de sortie. Il l’ouvrit et emma descendit. Elle mit son sac sur le dos puis partit en courant 
dans la direction d’ou le bus etait venu. On resta la un court instant a la regarder s’eloigner avant de repartir.

emma continuait de courir. Après une minute elle du ralentir car ses pleurs l’essoufflerent vite. Cinq minutes plus tard lorsqu’elle arriva a l’endroit des adieux, elle quitta la route, s’enfonca dans la foret. Elle s’arreta, regarda autour d’elle. Et haletante et pleurante, elle cria deux fois le nom de son amour. elle le cria encore avant de se remettre en marche.

Exactement au meme moment ter’kan qui naviguait dans le haut des arbres, s’arreta brusquement et ecouta car un tres lointain appel, qu’il cru reconnaitre, parvint jusqu’a lui. cependant emma marchait , pleurait toujours. Maintenant la grande tristesse qu’elle ressentait, finit par l’epuiser. Elle enleva son sac et s’assit par terre, le dos et la tete appuyes contre le tronc d’un arbre, suffoquee par le chagrin. Elle laissait couler ses larmes de desespoir en pensant que c’etait fini. C’etait trop tard, qu’elle ne pourra plus jamais retrouver ter’kan. alors pour exprimer sa douleur et son regret , elle hurla encore une fois son nom.

soudain elle entendit un rugissement lointain car tres cetainement il venait enfin de l’entendre  de la ou il se trouvait. Elle se mit debout cria encore son nom. Un autre rugissement lui repondit. Un choc mele a de la joie l’envahie. Elle ne pleurait plus. C’etait lui! C’etait ter’kan! oh comme elle adorait ce rugissement! Jamais elle ne l’avait trouve aussi sublime que maintenant. elle comprit qu’il l’avait entendue et lui faisait savoir qu’il etait aussi dans les environs.  Elle ramassa son sac, recommenca a marcher dans la direction d’ou le rugissement lui etait parvenu.  Elle l’appella encore. un autre rugissement beaucoup plus rapproche lui repondit, preuve qu’elle devait se trouver plus pres de lui. elle s’arreta , l’appela encore puis ecouta. Une minute s’ecoula.  il y eut un bruit de feuillages et tout a coup elle vit  ter’kan sauter a terre a quelques metres devant elle. il enleva son masque puis dit:

” emma!”

 Elle lacha son sac, couru vers lui et se jetta dans ses bras. il laissa son masque tomber par terre ensuite il la souleva et la pris toute contre lui. elle avait ses  jambes autour de sa taille et les bras autour de son cou. Elle recommenca a pleurer fort en enfoncant son visage contre son cou. ils se serraient eperdument.

“emma! what happened? you are still here! How this is possible? I thought you were gone! …….we are so lucky, I did not move too far!

-I realized at the very last moment that I couldn’t go. It became so unbareable to think I will have to live without you that is why I got back here hoping to find you again. My love!...... My ter’kan!

-my beautiful mate, I was sad because you were gone away from me forever, thinking I will have to live without you.

-I was sad too, that is why I returned back to you.

- you did right! You did so right!.......emma!.”

ils se serraient toujours. les pleurs d’emma diminuerent.Il dit en la caressant derriere la tete.

“I love you so much! I will never stop saying how much you mean to me.”

- l love you so much too! I was so afraid, thinking I lost you forever!”

Elle recommenca a pleurer plus fort au souvenir de ce sentiment douloureux. Ter’kan continuait de la caresser.

“don’t cry!  We are back together again.”

Elle se releva puis ajouta en caressant sa joue droite.

“I know but I keep thinking, how….. how could I do this to us?...... I wanted to destroy our love and… all the beautiful things we shared together. I can’t believe………. I wanted to do this……. it has been awful!”

Ses larmes coulaient toujours alors ter’kan la laissa pleurer. Il la tenait serree contre lui, caressait son dos pour essayer de l’appaiser. Mais la crise se calmait deja et quand elle cessa de pleurer enfin, elle se releva et dit.

“I need to go through this.

- I understand but now I’d like to see you smile!”

Elle sourit. Ter’kan passa son doigt griffu au coin de son oeil droit pour essuyer une grosse larme. Elle sourit encore puis dit:

“let’s move from here. I know we can’t go back to the ship until it gets dark so what about spending some time at the lake? I love to be there with you.

-it is a very good idea.”

Ils s’enlacerent encore ensuite ter’kan la laissa descendre. Il ramassa son masque et le remit. Emma prit son sac a dos, bu un peu du jus qu’elle avait achete auparavant. Ils repartirent main dans la main. En chemin ter’kan lui expliqua comment certains membres du clan avaient reagi a l’idee de son depart. Elle ne fut pas surprise d’apprendre que shun’ji avait ete le plus marque par cette triste nouvelle.  Quand ils arriverent enfin a la cascade, emma prefera rentrer de suite dans la grotte ou il faisait beaucoup plus frais. Elle posa son sac, se rafrachit en s’aspergeant le visage et les bras avec l’eau fraiche de la cascade.Ter’kan venait d’enlever son masque encore. il s’assit par tere le dos contre le rocher. Il regardait emma qui maintenant se passait de l’eau sur le cou. Il devait la trouver tres belle et ses gestes  sensuels. il dit:

“why don’t you get undressed completely so you can shower?

-you are right!”


Alors elle se deshabilla et se mit sous le jet fort de la cascade en declarant avec un rire que l’eau etait plus froide que celle du lac. elle resta a peine 30 secondes avant de ressortir avec un leger frisson. La vue de son beau corps aux courbes parfaites, ruisselant d’eau remua les senses de ter’kan. il se leva et s’approcha d’elle. Leurs regards se rencontrerent. Il la pris contre lui. Emma dit en caressant son torse.

“remove all your stuff”

Ter’kan s’executa. Quand il se retrouva nu aussi, ce fut un emportement subit. Ils se donnaient, se caressaient mutuellement avec des souffles ardents, des gemissements pareils a des murmurs et des ronronements de plaisir. Leurs desirs sexuels augmenterent tres vite. Un irresistible besoin de se prendre les enveloppa. Ter’kan tomba a genoux et continua de caresser Emma qui etait restee debout devant lui. après un court instant il s’allongea sur le sable, tres excite.

“come on me!”

Emma s’assit sur sa verge. et après qu’elle eut frotte sa nudite delicate plusieurs fois, elle  prit la verge de ter’kan a pleine main et se penetra avec. Ter’kan se souleva en se calant sur ses avant bras pour lui permettre de prendre appui sur ses epaules afin de lui faciliter les mouvements. Les minutes qui suivirent leur donnerent l’impression de se retrouver comme après une longue separation.

Les emotions de tout a l’heure qui les avaient secoues avec le triste et douloureux sentiment de ne plus jamais se revoir, les firent s’aimer tres passionement, soulages d’etre a nouveau ensemble. Leurs yeux et les mouvements de leurs corps disaient tout ca. comme cela devait etre bon et merveilleux de sentir ainsi l’un dans l’autre quand on s’aimait aussi fort que ter’kan et emma. Il glissait en elle. Des va et vient qu’il controlait en intensite afin de sentir au mieux les profondeurs intimes et delicates d’emma se serrer, frotter contre son bel et grand membre viril. 
Au moment de  son ultime extase elle gemit fort en se serrant le plus possible contre ter’kan. une autre minute après il jouit aussi il ejacula en elle en poussant un rugissement suivi d’une forte respiration. Ensuite il s’allongea completement, invita emma a s’allonger aussi sur lui a plat ventre. ils se reposaient après leurs ebats. Il y eut un long silence. chacun semblait somnoler. emma finit par remuer la premiere pour changer sa position. ter’kan bougea aussi. Elle remonta plus haut, son visage pres de son cou,toujours couchee sur lui a plat ventre. il commenca a caresser son dos tantot avec la pulpe de ses doigts, tantot en l’effleurant de ses  griffes. elle murmura:

“this is exquisite!

-I am also enjoying by doing it for you.

-don’t stop! It is so relaxing too!”

Emma se mit a le caresser aussi. Elle embrassait son cou, promenait le bout de sa langue jusqu’a son menton pour redescendre a la base de son cou, une des partie la plus erogene de son corps. La respiration de Ter’kan s’accelerait , il ronronait de temps a autre. Emma cherchait a l’exciter encore plus alors tout a coup elle le mordit  dans cette partie si sensible. Il la pressa legerement contre lui.



Emma se reveilla le lendemain une heure avant l’aube.elle avait dormit huit heures d’afilee. Elle resta un moment allongee avant de se mettre sur son seant. Elle regarda autour d’elle, constata que ter’kan n’etait pas revenu depuis hier soir. Elle se leva, se deshabilla en passant dans la salle d’eau. Elle prit une douche rapide. Quand Ter’kan se presenta enfin elle etait en train de se secher les cheveux.

“good morning lovely!

-good morning my ter’kan!

-Did you sleep well?

-yes! Eight hours!

-very well! Anyway I have some news! Yesterday night we got messages from my second in command.”

Emma dit avec une moue seductrice:

“seki’sen! “

Ter’kan ria:

“yes! That’s him!

- what did he say?

- He will land the day after tomorrow night with the rest of the clan!

- what? That is ……unexpected and fantastic!

-surely! this means we will have to postpone our departure.

-I think so, given the circumstances! I am happy to meet finally the rest of the clan. Do those know about me?

-I told them!  They are very curious about you.

-me too!  I can’t wait to see new yautja faces. How many?

-eight! Including seki’sen.i also told the others you are back!  All surprised and happy!”

Emma sourit.

“anyway I must go back to my duty. I will send for you food and drinks. see you later!

-see you!”

Ils s’enlacerent un bref instant puis Ter’kan sortit en lui adressant encore un signe avec la main. Emma envoya un baiser , souriante. On lui apporta un plateau une demie heure plus tard. Elle mangea un peu 
de tout car  elle avait tres faim. N’ayant rien avaler depuis presque vingt-quatre heures. elle se rendit a son entrainement au milieu de l’apres-midi.


Ce jour-la, elle ne manqua pas de se donner un peu en spectacle car le fait d’avoir ete prise par ter’kan il n’y a pas si longtemps lui avait donne un grand appetit. Elle ne cessait d’y penser. D’autant plus qu’elle etait aussi a une certaine periode du mois. Tout ca detraquait un peu son cerveau, donnait des frissons  a son corps avec une grande envie d’etre prise encore et toujours. Un peu plus tard elle croisa ter’kan dans une des salles d’armes , elle lui en parla d’une facon a la fois comique et provocatrice

“ter’kan! my handsome leader!  make love to me again! right here, right now!”

 Elle envoya sa main sur sa verge. Il appuya sa main contre la sienne pour lui montrer qu’il aimait ca puis demanda, surpris:

“here?  Now?

-yeah! Why not?

-but………. They can see us.

-so what? I don’t care. Today I need to do crazy things. come!”

Elle se deshabilla completement.

“emma!...... wait!.....let’s lock the door!

-alright! now get naked!”

Elle se frottait contre lui, commencait deja a le deshabiller elle-meme.

cependant ter’kan venait de se mettre nu aussi. ils commencerent a se procurer des caresses de plus en plus poussees. Elle performa aussi une bonne fellation. Quand il eut envie de la penetrer il fit de la place  sur une des tables puis l’alongea dessus.emma se positiona avec ses fesses au bord, ecarta ses cuisses. Ter’kan entra en elle puis s’activa. elle soupirait, poussait des gemissements. Il allait vite en lui tenant les cuisses. Ils se regardaient dans les yeux. emma connu l’orgasme quelques minutes plus tard.

Ter’kan finit par jouir aussi. Il ejacula  en elle. Quand il se retira, emma se releva, le retint encore afin de caresser son torse car elle avait adore la facon dont il l’avait prise, allant si vite. De plus elle trouva aussi que le bracelet qu’il avait en haut de son bras gauche bossue de muscles le rendait tres sexy.elle sauta sur le sol, s’habilla et sortit. Quelques instants plus tard ter’kan la retrouva dans leurs quartiers Elle etait sous la se presenta devant elle. elle lui parla encore d’une facon a la fois comique et provocatrice.

“my Ter’kan!  I enjoyed doing it in that place so much! ”

Elle sortit de la douche, s’approcha de lui, leva son regard vers lui.

“it was so amazing, so exciting! Wasn’t it, my love?”

Il la fixa un instant avant de repondre:

“yes! It was!”

 ter’kan caressa son visage puis sortit. Emma resta seule  bercee par les evenements recents et ceux qui restaient a venir. Elle s’habilla tres sexy.  Elle portrait le haut d’un maillot de bain de couleur noire a l’aspect satine au decolte pigeonant qui remontait bien ses seins. Et un string blanc sur lequel elle avait ajoute une mini jupe en satin stretch de couleur fuschia fonce qui couvrait a peine sa taille, descendait jusqu’aux milieu des cuisses en moulant ses hanches. Des sandales romaines en cuir noir qui se lacaient sur le haut du mollet completaient sa tenue. Ses cheveux longs, noirs et soyeux flottaient tout simplement sur ses epaules. sa peau blanche avait des reflets d’ivoire avec des tons plus roses dans les plis. Ses grands yeux verts en amande petillaient.

Elle ne sortit qu’en fin d’apres-midi. Elle rencontra ter’kan dans une piece adjacente a la grande cabine de bord. elle s’approcha de lui avec un sourire.

“good afternoon!

-good afternoon! You look so beautiful!

-thank you!

-how do you feel now?

-I am alright. what about your comrades? when do you think they will be here?

-around nine or ten tonight! I explained to you how the meeting will take place.

-don’t worry! I didn’t forget! I will join you in the controling room  once you finish the welcome duty.

-I am proud of you! I can’t wait to introduce you!

-I am also happy to meet with all your comrades.”

Il  s’approcha d’elle caressa son visage avant de dire:

 “do you know that time each time I go inside the weapon room I keep thinking about that scene!  ”

Emma ria.

“you are not the only one! anyway I am going back to our quarters.see you later!

Emma se leva.Elle posa un gros baiser sur une de ses mandibules du bas puis sortit. Elle passa les  heures suivantes s’occuper dans la grande chambre. une fois ses taches terminees, elle verifia l’heure et constata qu’il n’etait plus qu’une questions de minutes avant que le reste du clan  n’arrive. elle se rappelait les instructions de ter’kan afin que  tout se deroule pour le mieux.

Quand elle cru le moment venu, elle sortit vers dix heures et demie. Elle prit le chemin pour la cabine de pilotage, le coeur battant. D’abord elle prefera ne pas se montrer tout de suite. Elle s’arreta a deux metres de la porte d’entrée pour ecouter. Elle entendait ter’kan parler et d’autres repondre. Soudain une voix  tres grave et guturale mais toutefois agreable a l’oreille s’exprima. Une legere clameur s’en suivit. ter’kan reprit la parole. 

D’autres voix lui repondirent avec un remument d’armes.ensuite la meme voix de tout a l’heure s’exprima encore. Des lors elle sentit, devina que cette voix  ne pouvait etre que celle de seki’sen. Elle attendit encore une minute puis entra après avoir ajuste ses cheveux. Elle fit quelques pas puis s’arreta pour regarder. Elle trouva ter’kan assis sur le siege du premier pilote et a cote sur l’autre siege la figure tres imposante d’un guerrier masque. C’etait seki’sen. certains membres occupaient les sieges des passagers, d’autres se tenaient debout. ter’kan l’appella avec un signe de la main:


Tous se tournerent. Elle s’avancait avec sa grace et son charme habituels, toujours habillee de la meme tenue sexy. Elle passait entre les rangees des guerries debout  ou assis  qui la suivaient du regard. Elle arriva pres de ter’kan, se positionna debout a cote de lui. elle sourit puis embrassa du regard le grand group de guerriers devant elle. ils etaient tous demasques.d’abord ter’kan lui presenta le deuxieme en commande qu’elle salua avec un leger sourire. Elle le trouva enorme et superbe a la fois. son corps tres muscle avait une couleur de peau differente de ce qu’elle avait pu voir jusqu’a maintenant. 

Son equipement ,sa panoplie d’armes, sa ceinture avec la piece de metal couvrant ses parties genitales, son pagne et meme la bijouterie barbare qui le decorait, le rendaient tres attirant. Tout cet ensemble etait tres bien calcule avec le seul but d’attirer l’oeil. Ses dreadlocks qui etaient un peu plus longs que ceux de ter’kan  avaient des anneaux couleur argent de formes differentes.Puis vint le tour des nouveaux venus qu’elle salua aussi un après l’autre après que ter’kan lui eut dit leurs noms. mais son regard ne tarda pas a se diriger encore vers seki’sen qui ,toujours assis, venait de se tourner de cote pour mieux la voir aussi. Maintenant tous avaient leurs yeux fixes sur elle. seki’sen commenca a parler après avoir emit  un leger ronronement. Ter’kan fit la traduction. 

“emma! Seki’sen is truly satisfied to know you. You are more beautiful than he ever imagined.

-tell him I am equally happy to meet him at last.”

Ter’kan fit la traduction. Seki’sen ajouta.

“he says the whole clan appreciates your presence.

-it is the same for me. I am happy to be among them as well!.”

Ter’kan fit la traduction pour seki’sen. certains membres s’exclamerent pour dire qu’ils pensaient la meme chose que seki’sen. Seki’sen continua, dit une phrase assez longue. Ter’kan fit ensuite la traduction.

“ seki’sen thinks your presence adds many new things and according to what he’s aleady heard about you, he will be more than concerned to teach you and supervise you with training.

-I will be pleased to receive his knowledge.”

Ter’kan fit la traduction. Il ecouta seki’sen puis dit:

“ he is also very satisfied to visit earth again and wishes to receive an even more warm welcome that is why he wants you to sit with him!.”

Emma regarda ter’kan a la fois surprise et amusee. Elle jetta aussi un regard sur l’assemblee devant elle qui devait certainement jouir de la scene puisqu’ils comprenaient tout ce que seki’sen disait. Elle regarda ter’kan encore puis dit:

“I’d love to sit with him!”

Ter’kan devint surpris puis fit la traduction. aussitot seki’sen emit un ronronement de satisfaction. Il y eut des commentaires dans l’assemblee. Emma s’approcha de seki’sen et prit place sur un des larges accoudoirs  du siege sur lequel celui-ci etait assis. Aussitot seki’sen s’exprima. Ter’kan fit la traduction

“ you give him an happy and  nice feeling that you accepted to sit next to him!

-I am equally delighted!and…… there is something I would like to ask him too!”

Ter’kan traduit pour seki’sen ensuite informa emma de sa reponse.

“he is ready to listen your request!

-I  won’t deny the fact that I am curious to see his face that is why I would like him to remove his mask!”

Ter’kan la regarda un peu charme puis traduit pour seki’sen qui s’empressa de lui donner la reponse après avoir emit un autre ronronement sensuel.

“he agrees! he would like you to be the one who removes it for a  greater surprise !

-alright! It sounds such a seductive idea.”

Les autres attendaient jouissant toujours de la scene. Alors emma se mit debout,  se placa devant seki’sen. Elle se souleva sur la pointe des pieds pour avoir l’acces plus facile et proceda de la maniere dont ter’kan lui avait appris a le faire quand il enlevait le sien en sa presence. Elle tira sur les petits tuyeaux situes de part et d’autre. deux sifflement legers se firent entendre  suivis d’un fin echappement de vapeur lorsqu’elle debrancha un troisieme. ensuite elle enleva le masque avec precaution et decouvrit le visage de seki’sen.

Elle se tourna vers ter’kan, le regarda dans les yeux pour voir sa reaction. Et vu l’expression  qu’emma devait avoir aussi sur son visage, il la fixa avec l’air de dire clairement:’ huh? I told you! Seki’sen is handsome!’ Et c’etait vrai. Seki’sen etait beau. La description que ter’kan avait fait de ses yeux etait exactement la meme dans la realite. grands, en amandes avec les iris d’un magnifique turquoise clair entoures de cercles d’or et la pupille noire qui contrastait et lui donnait le regard typiquement si expressif de sa race. Son visage etait tres bien proportionne, le meme genre que celui de ter’kan avec des mandibules bien symetriques. Ensuite la couleur crème claire de sa peau et les zebrures  d’un ton vert-marron tendre. Emma qui venait de poser le masque  sur un des accoudoirs du siege s’exprima:


“tell him he is handsome! “

Ter’kan fit la traduction. emma continuait de le regarder.seki’sen ronrona encore avec sensualite puis s’exprima. Ter’kan traduit.

“the way you look at him proves it very well!”

Emma eut un sourire un peu embarasse puis retourna s’asseoir sur l’autre accoudoir libre. maintenant elle pouvait bien comparer sa taille avec celle de seki’sen. Elle avait l’air d’une petite fille a cote de lui. chacun de ses bras bossues de muscles avaient la meme epaisseur que ses deux cuisses. Ses mains si enormes qu’elles pouvaient facilement entourer son torse. Ses epaules si larges qu’elle aurait pu s’asseoir dessus tres confortablement sans jamais crainte d’une chute.  ter’kan s’etait tourne vers la gauche pour mieux les voir aussi. Emma dit:

“tell him, he is handsome but also very big!”

Ter’kan fit la traduction puis attendit la reponse de seki’sen. Pendant que ce dernier parlait , emma profita pour obsever l’assemblee devant elle.

Ter’kan traduit pour emma

“why do you say that? He believes you like big?

-Yes,I love it! you have the size that suits me very well!”

Ter’kan traduit pour seki’sen ensuite attendit la reponse.

“he said that he agrees with you I have a very good size but you could also try bigger!

-tell him it is an appealing idea but I am still frightend by his size!”

Ter’kan  fit la traduction et attendit la reponse de seki’sn avant de traduire encore pour elle.

“ you should not be impressed so much by his size because when it comes to please and take care of beautiful women like you he can be very gentle and very caring. You will be treated like a rare flower.”

Emma ria de bon coeur tant elle fut seduite et aussi amusee par la derniere phrase puis dit:

“his words are beautiful and reassuring. I might change my mind any time soon but I still need to think!”

Cependant seki’sen venait de passer un de ses bras autour de la taille d’emma. Elle leva  le visage vers lui, le regarda s’adresser a ter’kan.

“seki’sen would appreciate your company.

-I hope very soon!”

Seki’sen s’engagea dans une conversation avec ter’kan. les autres membres du clan discutaient aussi entre eux. emma  restait immbobile en dirigeant son regard tantot vers seki’sen, tantot vers ter’kan. mais ce qu’on ne voyait pas c’etait la main de seki’sen la presser legerement de temps a autre. Alors tout en jettant des coups d’oeil sur les choses qu’il avait sur lui, elle reflechissait aux conversations qu’elle et ter’kan avaient deja eu sur lui. c’etait donc lui le fameux seki’sen qui pouvait aller plusieurs fois par jour. Elle pensait a la taille de son sexe et vu l’enormite de son corps, elle comprenait enfin pourquoi c’etait aussi grand. sa curiosite la tourmentait, lui donnait des appetits. Elle oubliait ses apprehensions des que son regard se posait sur son visage. Rien que ses yeux faisaient vibrer l’interieur de son corps, lui donnaient de delicieues secousses.  Elle regardait vers le bas ,pensive, quand tout a coup la voix de ter’kan la fit legrement tressallir.


Elle le regarda, souriante.


-I appreciate your patience!

-that is alright! I like to listen to your language!”

Ter’kan se leva et donna l’ordre a tous les membres du clan d’evacuer les lieux. Emma les regarda partir.elle complimenta seki’sen expres sachant que ca allait lui faire de l’effet.

“tell him I love his necklace! It goes so well with the color of his skin”

Elle se leva, prit conge car elle avait besoin de repos.elle  retourna dans ses quartiers. cette nuit-la elle eut le sommeil agite. Elle se reveilla trois fois pour boire avec les pensees hantees par l’image de seki’sen.


Quand ter’kan se presenta le lendemain matin, il la trouva assise devant la table, ecrivant quelque chose sur un petit carnet. Elle avait les traits un peu tires a cause de sa mauvaise s’assit devant elle sur l’autre banc.

“good morning lovely!

-good morning handsome leader!”

Il caressa son visage puis dit:

“you look a little bit tired! Did you sleep well?

-no! I did not!

-seki’sen was so dissapointed because you left too early!

-sorry but I was tired!.”


Tout a coup  Seki'sen sauta a terre puis decrocha les cadavres et proceda a la recolte de ses trophees. cependant emma, ter’kan et seki’sen avaient  commence a nettoyer leurs encore emma se debrouilla pas mal pour son tout premier nettoyage. Biensur ter’kan l’avait surveillee afin de s’assurer que les differentes etapes etaient bien respectees. Quand elle termina son nettoyage,ter’kan prit le crane pour l’examiner.Il fit un mouvement de satisfaction avant de le rendre a emma. Les deux chasseurs continuaient de nettoyer leurs trophees. Seki’sen fut le dernier a finir le sien. Evidemment il demanda encore  a emma de mettre en pratique ce qu’elle avait apprit avec lui. il lui fit remarquer sa blessure a l’interieur de sa cuisse droite. C’etait une balle qui s’etait logee la pendant la bataille. Alors il demanda a emma de proceder a l’extraction. Car oui ce farceur de seki’sen avait apprit a emma a reparer les blessures aussi. Emma prit le kit medical que seki’sen avait accroche dans le dos. il s’assit par terre avec les jambes  legerement ecartees. Emma ouvrit la boite et commenca a soigner la blessure. Elle le faisait si bien que ter’kan s’approcha pour mieux voir. Au moment ou elle s’appretait a appliquer la gelee bleue, seki’sen la retint, lui caressa la main.decidement meme pendant ces moments-la il ne pouvait pas se tenir tranquile.  Emma se laissa faire ensuite elle proceda. seki’sen rugit. C’etait tres fort. il y eut un envolement d’oiseaux dans la cime des arbres. Ensuite elle soigna  la blessure  que ter’kan avait derriere son bras gauche. Ils resterent encore quelques minutes pour embaler le materiel avant de se mettre en route.

Emma marchait devant les deux chasseurs. Quand ils arriverent devant le grand vaisseau plus tard, ils rencontrerent un group de cinq autre chasseurs qui venait a peine de sotir pour  leur tour de chasse du jour.Il y eut des salutations, des echanges de paroles. Biensur ter’kan ne manqua pas de mentionner les exploits d’emma. Elle eut droit a des appreciations quand elle leur montra son trophee. On se separa après d’autres echangea de paroles. Les chasseurs dissparurent dans la nuit. Emma, ter’kan et seki’sen monterent dans le vaisseau.


Quand Ter’kan entra dans la chambre vers onze heures du matin elle dormait toujours. ter’kan s’allongea a cote d’emma après avoir  regarde son trophee. Il tourna sa tete vers elle, la contemplait amoureusement. Il avait tres emvie de la caresser mais ne le fit pas de peur de la reveiller. Comme il l’aimait ,la desirait. Emma, son amour qui avait apporte tant dans son existance depuis le jour ou il l’avait rencontree. il pensait a la conversation qu’il avait eu avec seki’sen a propos d’elle. ses progres de ces dernieres semaines,ses exploits de la nuit derniere, sa facon de faire l’amour. Seki’sen avoua encore que jamais il n’avait connu pareille satisfaction. Si differente, si merveilleuse, si inattedue! 

Une tres belle femme courageuse, determinee, charmante, drole, douce et intelligente. Seki’sen comprenait pourquoi,lui, terkan, le chef du clan aimait tant emma. il admirait son choix. Il comprenait aussi pourquoi il avait tant hesite avant de lui avoir accorde ses moments avec elle. il avait raison de la garder jalousement. Ter’kan finit par s’endormir aussi. Vers une heure emma remua, ouvrit les yeux. elle sourit en voyant ter’kan a cote d’elle. il etait sur le dos avec un bras replie sur son ventre. sa poitrine etait soulevee par souffle un peu fort et regulier.elle s’assit sur son seant pendant un instant avant de se recoucher sur le cote. Elle examinait ter’kan. la texture de sa peau, la facon dont ses mandibules etaient repliees, les griffes de sa main posee sur son ventre et ses dreadlocks eparpilles autour de sa tete.  Elle en toucha deux tres doucement. Elle adorait la texture. C’etait  a la fois lisse et  un peu spongieux. Tout a coup Ter’kan bougea une de ses jambes. Emma avait toujours sa main sur ses dreadlocks. Elle continuait de le regarder. Quand deux heures arriva ter’kan se reveilla aussi. Il tourna sa tete, vit emma qui le regardait. Ter’kan se mit aussi de cote.


Alors la passion les emporta. Ils se devetirent mutuellement. Des preliminaires enflames s’en suivirent. ils haletaient, respiraient fort. Ter’kan finit par penetrer emma dans la position du missionaire. Leur extase fut absolue. Emma se serrait contre lui. ses bras autour de son cou, ses jambes autour de sa taille. elle fermait les yeux, eperdue d’amour. Ter’kan reagissait de la meme facon. En meme temps ils ne cessaient de se repeter qu’ils s’aimaient. des phrases d’amour coulaient de leurs bouches entre deux souffles forts ou deux gemissements. Et plus ils etaient proches de l’orgasme et plus  leurs paroles devenaient audacieuses avec une pointe d’erotisme.

Excerpts from Ter'kan and Emma.
I kept these drafts for so long. :) Time has come to reveal them! 
i just found this  in my watch folder and it made me smile!  just take a look at the artist's name  :D  :o
Cream puff pastries.
I love food photography :)so here is  a picture I took from a book.  
Higashi. Dry Japanese candy.
This a box I bought in Kyoto. Higashi are made of wasanbon a traditional Japanese sugar and rice flour. These are always eaten with green tea.

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Part 5.

Seventh month. First day of the first week.

One week later...

It was at the going down of the two suns. Yu'dai just finished working in the garden. He went away after he addressed Emma a polite farewell. She stayed outside, making the most of the garden for a while. She was going here and there, holding a small basket full of vegetables and herbs. She looked at parts where Yu'dai had worked on then went back to the kitchen and put the basket down on the counter near a black, crystal flower vase.

Emma left the kitchen and had a long bath. She relaxed in the bathtub as big as a small swimming pool, thinking about some past occurrences and their consequences. Seki'sen's case was tormenting her the most. He had become as insistent as before because of her new refusal and already visited her seven times for the past three days. Each time the same scene repeated itself. The second was talking to her with Ter'kan standing between them and translating. She was listening to him visibly annoyed then was always responding with the one and only word 'NO' before moving to another room. She could hear him walking away after a brief silence.

Later on as she was moving around in the room, she heard footsteps then Ter'kan's deep voice resounded in the training area.

Good evening, lovely!...I have a surprise for you!..."

Emma hurried outside with a slight smile on her face. She stopped dead in the doorway. Her smile became even larger because Alrik'taden was standing next to his father in the middle of the training room. She stepped towards him. Alrik'taden moved also closer to her and the usual greetings followed.

"Good evening, Emma!...How are you?
-Good evening!...I'm fine!...
-It's nice to see you again!...
-I'm equally pleased!...I expected that you'd visit us anytime soon!...
-My father and I wanted to surprise you!..."
She said, looking at her love with a smile on her face:
"I love this kind of surprise!..."
Ter'kan expressed himself with a satisfying tone"
"I really wanted my son to spend sometime with us in our house!..."
Emma gave Alrik'taden another smile then added:
"He can stay with us as much as he likes!..."
Alrik'taden nodded, saying:
"I like your company too!...
-I appreciate your kind words!...What about continuing our conversation while we will eat a delicious meal?
-It sounds very good to me!...
-Great!...It will be ready in a moment!..."

Emma went to the kitchen whereas Ter'kan and his son headed to the bathing room in order to freshen up. They joined her in the dining room moments later when she was just putting one last dish on the table. Ter'kan and his son sat, facing each other. Emma sat next to her love leader. They started serving themselves. Emma was taking care of Alrik'taden, showing her kind hospitality with refined words and gestures. Alrik'taden was always talking back to her in a very friendly and polite way at the same time. This helped them to get accustomed to each other fast and gave them the feeling they have already known each other for a long time. 

Now they were almost done with their meal. Alrik'taden was asking Emma questions about her first impressions the day she landed on Yautja Prime, using short and easy sentences.
"Explain your first feelings after the landing!....
-I was happy and anxious at the same time!...
-What did you think about the place?
-It was like something I've seen in my dreams that became real!...
-Your thoughts when you saw the clan's settlement?
-Very beautiful and quite!...
-What about the city?
-I haven't seen much of it!...I've only walked along the big street which leads to the part of the forest where the clan''s settlement is situated!..."

Her reply gave Alrik'taden an idea. He asked, serving himself some juice:
"Would you like to go for a stroll tonight?"
He drank it while his father added his thoughts too.
"That will be an excellent way to spend time together!..."
Emma said, smiling:
"I'd love to!..."
Alrik'taden paused then added, looking at Emma:
"To close this meal, I'd like you to sing!..."
Emma gave Ter'kan a look then said:
"So, your father told you!...
-Of course!..."
She smiled again.
"I will sing the same song that I performed for your father and his comrades first time!..."

Emma sang, making graceful hand gestures from time to time. When it was over Alrik'taden stared at her for a few seconds then spoke:
"It's exactly how my father described it!...Strange and yet so enchanting!..."
He added with an hesitating tone:
"I...must admit you... look very beautiful!..."
Emma frowned at Ter'kan. The latter emphasized his son's statement:
"I told you about that too!..."
She had a soft laugh. Alrik'taden added again:
"We're going to be very good friends!...
-I agree!..."
Ter'kan stood up, saying :
"Lovely!...The city is waiting for you!..."
Emma had another laugh.
"I can't wait to see more of that fantastic place!...Give me a moment and I'll be ready!...

Ter'kan and his son left the dining area. Emma cleared the table then went to her room in order to freshen up quickly. Moments later she was walking along the tree-lined path between the two hunters. That was her first night out since she had settled on Yautja Prime. 
Emma said as they were coming out onto the commercial street she saw the day of her arrival:
"There are many more interesting shops I'd like to discover!..."
She stopped by several shops in order to take a closer look at the mechandise, asking questions. That night, the crowd was much more imposing and Emma was turning heads constantly, with that same word uttered again and again. Ooman.

Meanwhile her relation with Alrik'taden was progressing quickly. They were exchanging words, sometimes laughing. It seemed the more they were talking to each other the more they were feeling at ease with each other too. Ter'kan was watching them with visible satisfaction. interfering from time to time. 

Then it came a moment when Ter'kan got ahead of them and stopped in front of another shop further. As Alrik'taden was standing in front of Emma giving her explanations, holding a small, metallic object, he noticed the happy expression of her face changed into a sad one suddenly. She was looking straight ahead as if she was staring at something. Alrik'taden turned and saw his father being approached by two females taller than him. Each one of them was wearing a bikini, barely covering  their breasts and private parts with extravagant jewelry. Emma  looked at the scene a few more seconds then approached them followed by Alrik'taden. She asked with an unhappy tone as soon as she was next to them:

"What's going on?"
The two females looked at Emma. Ter'kan did the introductions.
"Emma, may I introduce you Esa and Tal'ya!"
Emma looked at them alternately, greeting them with a nod. He also said something in Yautja language, pronouncing her name afterwards. One of the females added something. Ter'kan translated:
"Esa thinks that your small size makes you very cute!..."

Emma looked at him silently. The two females exchanged a few more words with Ter'kan then went away. Emma followed them with her eyes for a short while before saying:

"I thought no one was waiting for you on Yautja Prime!...
-They are just friends!..."
Emma chuckled. 
"They were very friendly indeed!...So friendly, they loved to run their hands on you!...
-That was their way in order to express their contentment of seeing me and nothing else!..."
She looked at him with a visible doubtful expression on her face then added:
"Alright, Ter'kan!...Alright if you say so!..."

They continued their stroll, exchanging words occasionally and glancing at the displayed merchandise from time to time. They were about to come out onto the end of the long street when Emma had an encounter among the crowd. A male touched her arm the moment he passed next to her, walking at a brisk pace. Ter'kan said calmly while Alrik'taden was watching the male moving away from them:
"He tried to make contact with you!..." 
Emma frowned at him.

Now they were at a busy road junction that gave access to other streets including the covered bridge Ter'kan and Emma had crossed the day they arrived on Yautja Prime. They turned into one of the street that was wider and longer than the previous one, situated on the left side. There were all sort of shops selling anything alternating with sidewalk cafe where groups were standing or seating and drinking colorful beverages. Crowds were coming and going in both directions constantly. Emma was walking between Ter'kan and his son, talking to one or the other. Alrik'taden enjoyed giving Emma explanations, asking his father for help each time his vocabulary was insufficient. She was watching him, smiling because his attitude charmed her.

As they were looking at a shop where all kinds of fabrics were put on display, all of a sudden ferocious roars came from the sidewalk cafe nearby and a male being thrown out so violently that he landed a few meters away. A very tall and muscular female came out straight afterwards. She grabbed the male and started punching him in the face or in the chest repeatedly then said something before moving away. The crowd around including Emma and the two hunters witnessed the scene.  

Emma said the moment they passed by the male who was lying curled up. 
"That female didn't hesitate to use her strength in order to show her anger!...By the way!...What did she tell the guy before leaving?"
Alrik'taden translated for her, using only words:
"Very poor seductive skills!...
-Really? She beat him so hard just for that?
Emma paused then asked another question:
"Do your females always act violently when it comes to sexual matters?"
Ter'kan answered.
'Yes!...Most of them!..."

They continued taking a leisurely stroll through the city with stops each time something was catching their eyes. Emma loved the city and its very futuristic look. A mixed architecture, beings that were living or working there and smells that had created places with an unique and fascinating past over the years.

Later on Emma felt a bit disappointed when Alrik'taden announced he won't be able to keep her and his father company any longer because he had some important matter to deal with. They said goodbye to each other with the promise of a next meeting. On the way back, Emma bought some silky fabric, a necklace for her and a bedspread. That night she caught so much attention that some males followed or even tried to approach her. Ter'kan and Emma were amused by each occurrence and had rather a risque conversation. The truth was that despite of all this Emma was unimpressed because deeply inside her heart Ter'kan was and will always be the only one she loves. 

Seventh month. Second day of the first week.

The next day started in a joyous atmosphere. Emma was thrilled because they devoted the morning hours to a new lesson. Her very first of the higher level. She felt the difference right away because it demanded a greater amount of strength. She agreed that it would be even harder without the additional hours of daily physical exercises. It wasn't easy but she was determined. She knew her persistence and love of doing things will pay off.

Ter'kan also took the opportunity to talk about her new weapon during a break which led to another thrilling moment for Emma. Her love leader offered his very first combistick as her new weapon. An impressive and beautiful piece that he used during his youth. Ter'kan handed his former weapon to Emma in a simple and ceremonial manner. The latter received it with both her hands, thanking him with her face slightly lowered. 

She spent a big amount of time, getting accustomed to it. Now she had two pointed blades at each end of her weapon and the handling required different coordination of her movements and new ways of holding it for the best usage or in order not to get injured as well. That was an important moment because Emma wanted a good start.

They had a quick meal at the beginning of the afternoon while Ter'kan was still giving her explanations about the new level when they had a visitor. Emma asked as a ring tone was coming from the training area:
"Do you expect someone?"
Ter'kan stood up, saying:
"Not at all!...I'm going to check!..."

He left the room. Emma also stood up and started clearing the table. A moment later she heard footsteps and voices coming from the corridor. She left the kitchen and went to the training area. She saw Ter'kan and Seki'sen coming towards her. Ter'kan spoke right away:
"Seki'sen wishes to talk to you again!..."
She sighed, visibly annoyed,
"Alright but he's wasting his time!..."
Seki'sen said something. Ter'kan translated.
"He's convinced, there must be a solution!...
-I don't think so!...I've already explained the reasons of my refusal before but if he insists I'll remind him again!..."

***In the following paragraph the dots between each sentence represent Ter'kan's translations for Seki'sen.

"I refuse to continue my relation with him because his lifestyle disgusts me!..........I can't stand the fact he has sex with all those females then he expects me to give him pleasure like before!..........He must accept once and for all that our intimate relation is over!.......... We can be simple friends and nothing else!.........."

Seki'sen gave his answer. Ter'kan translated:

"It's impossible!...He won't be able to do without you!...You know he loves you!...No matter how many females he can get, he still needs you so much!...
-I don't care!..."
Ter'kan translated her sentence. Seki'sen stared at Ter'kan for a few seconds before approaching her. He got down on his knees just the way he did it months before on board the ship then kept insisting. Ter'kan translated:
"He needs you so much!...He really wants you to accept him again!..."

Emma kept silent, visibly more annoyed. Seki'sen attempted to take her hand but she refused. As he tried another contact, Emma hit him on his right arm twice. Seki'sen expressed himself with the only sentence she could understand from the Yautja language which made her raise her hand in order to hit him again but refrained from doing so. That's when Seki'sen reacted in an unexpected way. He took Emma's hands and placed them on both sides against his face, saying something. Ter'kan translated again.
"Go ahead!...Hit him!...If this is the only contact he can get from you then so be it!...Anything coming from you, it's always good!..."

Emma stared at him briefly then freed her hands abruptly. She ran away, retiring to her room. Seki'sen exchanged a few more words with his leader then went away too. Ter'kan entered the room right after and found Emma seated on the bed. He said after a brief silence:
"He will not give up!...He will never give up!...You know him!..."
Emma didn't say anything. She stood up and left the room.

Seventh month. Fifth day of the first week.

A few days later, Ter'kan and Emma had another stroll across the city. They left the house an hour before dusk. First they wandered in the nearby forest for a while before heading to the city center. This gave Emma an idea by dint of looking at the vegetation. She had spotted a tree with branches long, strong and flexible enough for being used as a whip. She asked Ter'kan to cut one off. The latter questioned her about the intended purpose which she answered without hesitation. He tried to persuade her that wasn't the best of strategy but she rejected his reasoning. 

Later on, Emma was walking around the city, holding the branch. Her love leader made another attempt in order to change her mind but she kept her idea stubbornly. 

The beginning of the evening went well. Emma discovered more about that fascinating city. It was huge and beautiful with areas straight out of dreams. The situation turned nasty with Seki'sen's sudden appearance among the crowd. Emma was the first to notice him the moment she and Ter'kan were coming out of a shop. She said, pointing with her finger:

"Look!...Your sticky second in command is over there!...I'm wondering what is he doing?"
Ter'kan turned and saw the second staring at them from a distance. He stared at them for a few more seconds then approached them. The two hunters started having a conversation. Emma was standing next to them silently. And the more she was looking at them the more she started being obviously annoyed about their discussion. They exchanged a few more words then the second moved away. Emma asked
"What did he want?"
-Many things!...Duty matters and...well you know!..."
She sighed, visibly more annoyed.

They moved on. Emma turned after having made a few steps because she had a presentiment. That's when she saw Seki'sen standing still and looking at her from a distance, just the way he did it previously. All of a sudden her impatience burst into an uncontrollable anger so she darted towards him. Ter'kan also turned as she started hitting him with the branch she was carrying since the beginning of the evening. He joined her then said:
"Emma!...Stop!...That's not the right way!...Emma, listen!..."

But Emma didn't want to listen. She continued beating Seki'sen ,who just got down on his knees, with the crowd around including Ter'kan, watching the scene. First she beat him, using the branch then she threw it away and went in with her fists fiercely. Seki'sen was showing no resistance, accepting each one of her hitting.

She went away after punching his arm one last time, going back to the direction she came from. Ter'kan took her hand in his. She said with an angry and loud tone:

They kept silent all the way back. Emma expressed her anger once more the moment she entered the house.
"This time I gave him what he deserves!...And I will do it again if necessary!...I can't stand being bothered by him or the others anymore!...I won't need anybody else except you!...I only need your love, your touch, your body and your care!..."

Her last sentence hit him like fire. It was simple and yet so arousing. He picked her up off the ground. She put her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Ter'kan was embracing her pressing her chest against his tenderly.
She started caressing him ardently, kissing his neck at the same time. Ter'kan was purring with great satisfaction. He entered the circular, training room, still carrying her. Emma whispered while she continued kissing his neck:
"Make love to me outside on the balcony!..."

He went up stairs, holding her in his embrace. He went out and put her down. They undressed mutually, caressing each other at the same time. Their desires were so strong that they didn't need further foreplay. They possessed straight away.

He laid on his back with his legs straight and slightly driven apart and his head raised. She sat on the top of him. She grabbed his length and penetrated herself with.  Her legs were bent in knees and lied along his buttocks. She started riding him with her hands outstretched forward, slightly below his knees, making support of them. She was riding him, arching her back and her head turned to the half-turn in order to look at him while he was fondling her breasts or stimulating her private parts. It was comfortable, terribly exciting for both of them and it didn't last long.

They reached the ultimate ecstasy expressing themselves with love words.  Emma's loud moans and Ter'kan's deep growls pierced through the dark and silent night.

***The text written in italic describes the reverse cowgirl position! 
He came from the stars. 2
Things are getting more sad and complicated. This rather short part is just the beginning of a long struggle. Enjoy your reading!
i found this ZOMG ALIEN AND PREDATOR by DaKraken while i was browsing for Predators pics. :D

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Part 4.

Sixth month. Fifth day of the third week.

Emma just opened her eyes. She looked up the ceiling then turned her head to the right and saw she was alone. She stayed, laying on her back for a while, thinking about the conversation she had with Ter'kan last night. She got off the bed and freshened up. She left the bedroom and entered into the big and circular training room. She stood there, trying to locate any noise coming from the house but all was very quite. She was convinced she was alone then, when all of a sudden metallic sounds came from the weapons room situated in the corridor. She headed there and found Ter'kan, seated, sharpening several wrist blades with a special grindstone. 

"Good morning!..."
He turned.
"Good morning, lovely!..."
She approached him with a smile.
"How was your first night on Yautja Prime? Did you sleep well?
-Yes! It was very nice...but...what about you? I didn't expect to wake up alone this morning!...It seems you didn't sleep much or even at all!..."
She sat next to him. He said while he was sharpening the tip of a wrist blade:
"I started working in the weapons room yesterday night right after you went to bed!...I just slept for a few hours then came back in here in order to finish my work!..."
She laughed softly.
"You slept next to me and I haven't been aware of that!..."
He stopped his work, stroked her arm gently.
"I promise tonight will be different!..."
She kissed his hand. Ter'kan continued his work. Emma stood up and moved towards the rack on which her spear was put on display. She grabbed it and added while she was playing with it:

"Your house is such a cozy and beautiful place!... I loved it the moment I set my eyes on it!...
-Your presence makes it even more pleasant!...I'm happy you settled down!...
-I've dreamed about this for so long!..."

Emma sat back and looked at him for a brief moment. She seemed to reflect on some matter. She asked him while she was performing another handling:
-Yes, lovely!...
-Would you allow me to ask more questions about your past life?"
He said ,without looking at her, while he was still sharpening one of the wrist blades:
"What would you like to know?"
She stopped playing, put her spear on the large table nearby. She spoke with an hesitating tone:
"It's...about...Alrik'taden's mother!...Did with you in this house?"
Ter'kan ceased his work. He put the wrist blade and the grindstone down on the table and looked at her.
"No she never lived with me in this house!...I built this house many years after her death, once I became leader of my clan!...
-When did you become the leader of your clan?
-I was 450 years old and second in command of another clan at that time!...I had enough knowledge and power so I decided to establish my own clan!...First I was a loner but it didn't take long until the clan ,you know today, was formed!...Seki'sen was the first to come with me, followed by Shun'ji, Arkel and Dal'serah!...The rest of the clan joined right after!...That was when we decided to build our settlement!...
-Why your son did not join you?
-He did at the beginning then started making himself absent more and more often until he left the clan and went with my father!...
-Ah!...Where is your father? What is he doing?
-He is the commander of an important mother ship!...He lives there most of the time!...
-What about Alrik'taden? Does he live on the mother ship most of the time too?
-Yes but he will spend the coming weeks on Yautja Prime because of my return!...
-I wish he will come and stay with us for some days before he goes back with his grand-father!... "
She paused then asked:
"Where does he live when he isn't with you?
-He lives with his favourite mate!..."
Emma had a soft laugh.
"I see!..."

She paused again then asked another question:
"When did you meet the mother of your sons?
-I was 260 years old!...She was 190!...It was love at first sight!...She became pregnant with our first son during the very first night we had together!...Years later she became pregnant with our second son know the rest!..."
Emma sighed. She said with a sad expression on her face:
"Yes!...I remember!...What was her name?
-What was the name of your deceased son?
-Did you have other mates while you were with her?
-Yes!...I had some!...I was with only one at a time and it didn't last for too long!...
-Did you have children with them too?
Emma stood up, made a few steps. She went back next to Ter'kan, saying:

She stopped. Ter'kan encouraged her to continue.
"Don't hesitate!...Speak to me!...
-I' to know...when was the last time you had a mate of your species?"
Ter'kan stared at her for a few seconds then said:
"I knew you would ask me this kind of question sooner or later!..."
Emma asked again, staring back at him:
"So!...When was it?
-It was 3 months before I traveled to Earth!...And if you add the month I spent on Earth before I met you...that makes four months!...
-Do you miss having an intimate contact with females of your species?
-No!...I lost interest gradually since you came into my life!..."

Emma sat back next to him. Ter'kan started working, saying:
"I'll be done in a moment then we can go and have a better look at the kitchen, the dining area and...finally the garden!..."
She smiled.
"According to the last glimpse I had yesterday evening, your garden is a wonderful place!...I'd love to spend time with you in there as much as possible!... 
-We will always try to include that visit in our daily routine!..."
She smiled again. They kept silent until Ter'kan had finished sharpening and polishing the last wrist blade. They left the weapons room, holding hands. They headed for the kitchen and the dining area.

Despite of the fact Emma was already accustomed to the design and installations she had seen on board the ship, she still needed further explanations about some appliances and utensils. She loved the practical and cozy dining area which communicated with the kitchen by a high and wide opening flanked of two superbly sculpted panels that contrasted with the slick and ultra modern design of the furniture. She appreciated the whole concept very much.

Her enthusiasm increased the moment they went outside in order to visit the garden. There were all sort of vegetables, fruits and herbs as well. Some were familiar to her because she had eaten them countless times during her long stay on board the ship whereas some others were totally unknown. There was one that looked like a miniature, dark red carrot with dark green leaves. Ter'kan gave also some brief explanations about each herb and the type of food that would go the best with it.

They returned to the kitchen after having selected three kinds of vegetables and some herbs. They spent a pleasant time, combining the wishes of their taste buds in order to prepare a delicious meal. They enjoyed it, sitting in the dining room and evoking some diverting matters from the conversation they had last night. Emma asked the first question while she was pouring water into two glasses:

"I was really intrigued by some parts of our conversation last night and I'd like you to give me some detailed explanations!...
-We spoke about many things!...Could you be more specific?"
Emma said, smiling:
"You mentioned that intimate relations could be used for different purposes!...
-Absolutely!...I intended to talk about this, anyway!... You see!...Sex can have a significant impact on your life and this will depend on those you choose and accept to sleep with!...For instance, if you'd accept intimate relations with a male of a high rank this will make you worth into the eyes of others high ranked males automatically thus it will give you great protection and will be very much respected too!...
-Does it work for males too?

Emma stopped eating and looked at him ,a bit dumbfounded, for a few seconds then said:

"I'm amazed...I didn't expect sex would bring such a change!...So the higher the rank of the male, the greater my worthiness will become!...
-That's right!...Needles to say that it would make you very sought-after by males of inferior ranks too!...
-I understand!...
-Do you know that being my mate already made you worth into to the eyes of many males? Many noticed you when you stood at the entrance of the ship, including Ser'kah!...He definitely wishes to meet us again!...
-Why not? Seki'sen's brother!...That could be interesting!..."
She paused then added:
"I remember you said he is the leader of his clan!...How many are they?
-They are only ten including Ser'kah!...
-I also remember his tactics of seduction!...So...he loves to play around for a long time and create contacts before he decides to get into more intimate relations!...
-Yes!...Sometimes he does it excessively and encounters troubles because, like i said, there are females who become too impatient!...And...when our females get angry, I can't say it's a good thing!...
-What do you mean?
-Most of them are taller and stronger than males and things can end up badly!...They become violent and frustrated especially if a delicate subject, such as sexuality is tackled!...
-First time I saw females, I had noticed most of them were taller than males thus I thought they might be stronger too!..."

She paused then asked:

"Talking about mates!...Are all Seki'sen's mates taller than him?"
Ter'kan clicked his mandibles for a short laugh.
"Most of them!...One of the female that lives with him is 3.10 m tall!..."
Emma had also a soft laugh then added:
"I'm sure, she always wins each time they have a fight!...Seki'sen having his ass kicked real good!...That's something I'd wish to see!...
-Certainly, you would!...Especially since your feelings towards him turned into negative ones again!..."
Emma gave him a look then said with a tone in which a mix of sadness and grudge could be clearly heard:
"Yes!...Yes!...I would!..."

A silence followed. Now they were almost done with their meal, eating pieces of fruit. Moments later they started clearing the table and cleaning some little mess they had left in the kitchen during the preparation of the meal. They went back to the weapons room and got themselves busy again.

Ter'kan astonished Emma with a sweet and unexpected request. He sat, pulled her between his thighs. He asked, brushing his fingers against her right cheek, tenderly:
"Lovely!...Could you sing for me, now?"
She smiled, saying:
"With pleasure, my Ter'kan!..."

Emma started singing. She was accompanying her performance by a few dancing movements and looking at Ter'kan at the same time. The latter was following her with his eyes, amorously. She stood in the middle of the weapons room, also staring back at him amorously, once she had finished.. Ter'kan waved at her:

He pulled her again between his thighs then added:

"You are even more beautiful and desirable when you sing and dance like this!...Many would appreciate watching your performance, including my family!...
-I will sing when Alrik'taden will visit us!...I wish, I will meet your father very soon too!...
-My father has power, knowledge  and is very kind-hearted!...He is loved and respected by all those who deal with him!... 
-Your words are making me more impatient!...
-I will arrange the meeting as soon as possible!...
-That will be great!..."
Ter'kan stroked her arm gently then mentioned about a different subject.
"I'd like to continue checking more weapons!..."
-That's a good idea!...I also should check and clean my spear!..."

They worked, seated next to each other, exchanging words, occasionally. Later on, Emma expressed her wish that she wanted to drink. She left the weapons room and went to the kitchen. All of a sudden, she heard distant voices coming from outside while she was pouring water into a glass. She drank then put the glass down on the counter and stood still for a moment, listening to the voices again. She realized that was coming from Seki'sen's house. 

Emma left the kitchen and went upstairs. As she came out on the balcony, the distant voices became even louder. That's when she saw the second, from the back and surrounded by three of his females, standing on his balcony. It seemed like those females were trying to persuade him of something by using suggestive caresses and words, almost assaulting him. The second was showing no resistance. He was also talking to them, caressing them alternately at the same time. Emma was observing the scene with a serious expression on her face, standing still and partially hidden by one of the column. 

However, due to wriggle, Seki'sen ended up turning and finally noticed Emma in the distance. He stopped dead, looking her way. He stood still whereas the three females continued enticing him with caresses and words. Emma was absorbed in the scene when suddenly she heard Ter'kan calling her name twice:


She left the balcony and hurried inside. She saw Ter'kan standing at the base of the stairs. He talked to her as soon as she appeared:
"What are you doing? I didn't see you coming back!..I thought that might be something wrong with you!..."
She said, going down the stairs:
"I'm sorry!...It's just...I heard voices outside and went up on the balcony for a better look!..."
Now she was standing next to Ter'kan. The latter asked:
"What was it?"
She chuckled.
"Well...I gotta say!...I just saw the second out on his balcony surrounded by three of his mates!...It seemed like they were begging for something special!...And...according to the way those females were touching him I think it was all about sex!...I'm sure they were asking him who's next!...I can imagine how difficult it must be because he has so many of them to satisfy!..."
Ter'kan clicked his mandibles for a good laugh then said:
"Don't worry!...Seki'sen can always manage!..."
He took her hand in his.
"Come!...Let's finish our work!...
-Yes!...We should!..."

They went back to the weapons room and spent another hour, checking on some weaponry and hunting gear. Ter'kan took another opportunity and explained Emma more about a hunter's basic equipment and the most common weapons that were used.

Yu'dai arrived at the leader's house towards the middle of the afternoon when Ter'kan and Emma were sitting in the dining area, enjoying some fresh juice. Emma spent the rest of the afternoon, seated in the shade of a sunfruit tree, watching how Yu'dai was working in the garden whereas Ter'kan chose to make some arrangement in the trophies room. She was pleased with her time because she loved the garden. Besides, the young male was really good at taking care of it.

Later on, at dusk, when Yu'dai was done, he helped Emma to pick the vegetables she needed for her next recipe. She was placing each vegetable in a beautifully crafted, metallic basket when she heard voices, coming from a distance. She understood Seki'sen and his mates were out again. It lasted for a brief moment before everything sank into another silence. Emma added one last vegetable in the basket then went back inside, followed by Yu'dai.

She went in the kitchen in order to store the basket in a big and refrigerated drawer then left the place and joined Ter'kan in the trophies room. She entered the place just as the young male was taking his leave of Ter'kan, bowing slightly. He also addressed Emma a polite farewell then went away. Emma stood there for a short while, watching her love leader, making his arrangement then asked:

"When will you finish?
-Give me a few more minutes!...
-Alright!...I'm going to freshen up!..."

Emma left the trophies room, headed to the bathing room and had a quick shower. She went back to the bedroom, wrapped in a towel long enough for covering her breasts and private parts. Ter'kan joined her the moment she started unpacking one of the bag that was brought back from the ship the previous day. He approached her and caressed her arms simultaneously, saying:
"I will be with you in a moment!..."
She nodded, smiling.

Ter'kan retired in the bathing room. Meanwhile Emma was still unpacking, listening to the sound of the running water. She was almost done when all of a sudden, the sound of the water stopped. Emma put the last piece of cloth away and listened for a few seconds, looking at the entrance of the bathing room in the mean time. She listened for a few more seconds then decided to head towards it.

When she entered, she found Ter'kan, naked, patting himself dry. He stopped his movements and stared at her silently, still holding the towel in one hand. Emma stared back at him for a very brief moment then removed her towel and got naked too. She spread the towel on a silvery, metallic bar situated nearby then approached him. She took his towel away from him, put it on the corner of the table situated behind him. She started brushing her hands against his abs slowly. She looked up and met his amber colored gaze.
He took her beautiful, delicate face between his big and clawed hands. He said, caressing her:

"I need you!... I need you so much!..."

She hugged him. Her arms were around his waist and her face against his chest. She was embracing him, becoming intoxicated with his scent. Ter'kan started caressing the back of her head with one hand while he was holding her with the other. This encourage Emma to start kissing his chest. She stroked his beautiful, rock hard length at the same time, saying:
"I need you too!..."

He picked her up off the ground and went back to the bedroom. They continued their foreplay, standing next to the bed. Emma had an irresistible need to please him with that special caress so she pushed him, making him understand that he had to sit on the bed. She knelt between his muscular thighs and started giving Ter'kan a fellatio while he was caressing parts of her body at the same time. He was expressing his pleasure with low purrs and growls, also caressing the top of her head each time she was swalloing most of his length. That wasn't without any effect on Emma because at a certain point she stopped and whispered while she was pleasing him with her hand only:
"Mmmm!...I love to have it in my mouth!..."
He said, stroking her shoulder, tenderly:
"You are very good at it!..."

She smiled, giving him a malicious look then started licking him again. By now he was also wandering his hand on her private parts, teasing her wet entrance with his finger. This simultaneous foreplay aroused them a lot. Instinctively, they changed the course of the action. They went to the bed.

Emma laid on her back. Ter'kan positioned himself, kneeling in front of her with his legs driven apart and feet together. He spread her white thighs and rubbed his length against her wet entrance a few time before penetrating her. He started thrusting fast, leaning on all fours, expressing himself with heavy breathing and gruff sounds at the same time.

It lasted for a long moment. He kept thrusting fast. Emma was moaning loudly, closing her eyes from time to time. She expressed herself again with enticing words, once she felt, she was close to achieve orgasm:
"Oh yes!...Give it to me!...You handsome leader!...Give it to me!...Just like that!..."

Ter'kan changed his position, leaned on his forearms in order to be closer to her while being careful not to inconvenience her under his weight. He was still thrusting fast, going deep inside her while she was caressing his shoulders or his back.

Then all of a sudden she put her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. She came, letting languishing and loud moans out of her mouth. This encouraged him to thrust even faster. He thrust a few more times then came too. He came right after because her euphoria gave a boost to his excitement. The room resounded with his big breathing and deep growls.

They were looking into each other's eyes, trying to catch their breaths. He brushed his mandibles against her neck twice then said, looking into her eyes again:
"I love you!..."
She whispered, brushing her hand against the right part of his face:
"I love you too!..."
She smiled. They caressed each other again for a short while then parted. He pulled out of her slowly and laid on his back too. Emma stretched her legs out. They took some rest then had another shower together. They spent the rest of the evening, talking about upcoming events and a few past ones as well. They will end up falling asleep next to each other after one last caress.

Sixth month. First day of the fourth week.

Three days later...

It was early in the morning. Ter'kan just left the house because he had many important matters to deal with. Emma was sitting at the table in the dining room with a thoughtful expression on her face, fixing the leftovers of the meal she and Ter'kan just ate.
She stood up, drank another glass of water then started clearing the table. She kept herself busy with different chores inside the kitchen during the morning hours. She cleaned and arranged things according to her needs. She even visited the garden in the afternoon in order to pick some fruits and vegetables for cooking the evening meal.

Later on, she went upstairs at dusk because she wanted to enjoy some time outside on the balcony. A dark red carpet with white arabesque was spread in one of the corner. A low and beautifully sculpted, black table with a white, marble top was on display in the middle of the carpet. Two small, white and thin mattresses were completing the coziness of the corner, creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

She leaned against the railing, looked down in the garden then started touching the blooms of the tree situated on the left side. She stood on tiptoe and was about to reach for the higher ones when, all of a sudden Seki'sen appeared on his balcony, alone. The second greeted her, waving his hand, as soon as he noticed her but Emma ignored him. She looked at him for a very brief moment then turned her back on him and left the balcony.

She returned to the kitchen in order to set the table in a fancy way and finish preparing the dessert, a delicious and refreshing fruits smoothie . She was almost done when she heard distant foot steps coming from the corridor then closer ones from the circular, training room. Ter'kan appeared in the doorway of the dining room right away.

"Good evening, lovely!..."
She smiled.
"Good evening, my Ter'kan!..."
They stepped towards each other. Ter'kan got down on one knee so she could give him a hug then stood up and looked at the table, saying:
"All looks so appealing!...Besides there is a mouth-watering smell too!...
-Today, I put my cooking skills to practice again!...We're going to have dinner in a moment!...
-Alright!...I'll have a quick shower then come back to you!..."

Ter'kan retired in the bathing room while Emma continued the preparation, coming and going between the kitchen and the dining room.
She just finished bringing the dishes on the table when the leader appeared again. He was covered only by a short loin cloth.
He stroked her cheek gently then sat at the table. Emma sat in front of him. First they kept silent, enjoying their meal then Ter'kan started evoking the way he spent his day. He talked about the training of his apprentices and the meetings he had with his comrades or many others. Unavoidably, Emma also brought into the conversation her brief encounter with the second. Ter'kan didn't hesitate to express his mind and told her what he wished but Emma didn't seem to have changed her thoughts since the day they were still on the Xenomorphs planet.

Later on, they unwound outside on the balcony and continued discussing different matters. Their conversation will end up turning into a romantic one which prepared them for a torrid sex session before bedtime.
He came from the stars. 2
Part 4 has been finally added to Book 2. I wish you a pleasant reading. :)

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Part 3. (2)

Sixth month. Fourth day of the third week. At sunset.

Ter'kan and Emma entered a high and circular,  empty room. The temperature was much more pleasant than outside. The interior was very similar to the one she saw in her quarters on board the ship with a combination of modern design and ancient, tribal sculpted decorations.

"Welcome to your new home, my love!..."
Emma smiled.
"I thank you so much, my Ter'kan!..."

In addition to the natural light that was coming from a big and oval window made of white frosted glass situated at the ceiling, there were also two bowl-shaped wall lamps made of white frosted glass and black marble at the left and right sides of the entrance. Emma loved those lights. She touched one, saying:
"These lights are really beautiful!...They give a good light without being strenuous for the eyes!...Is this the same in the whole house?
Emma asked while she was still looking at the lamps:
"By the way!...Why was the door open?
-Because my apprentices were already in here since the beginning of the afternoon, preparing the house before our arrival!...For that matter you will see they worked very well!...By now, there must be only one left, working in the garden!..."
She said, smiling:
"You have a garden!...This is wonderful!..."

They continued visiting, holdings hands. They left the entrance room and entered into a long corridor where the entrances of two rooms could be seen. There were one situated on the left side and the other on the right side. First Ter'kan opened the sliding doors situated on the left side and a trophies room was revealed.  Emma released his hand and entered, exclaiming delightedly:
"It's fantastic!...This room is bigger than the one you have on board the ship!..."
She walked a few steps, glanced at the right side then the left. She said:
"This collection is more important than the one you have on board the ship!
-It took years and many hunting parties in different parts of the galaxy in order to acquire it!...
-Some are big with complex skeletal structures!... Those creatures must look so tough and powerful when alive!...
-Very dangerous too!...Many have lost their lives, trying to hunt them!...
-I can imagine that!...No wonder they are worth a trophy!..."
Ter'kan nodded then said:
"I will tell you more stories about my former hunting parties!...Come!...Let's continue visiting your new home!..."
She smiled, saying:
"With pleasure!..."

Ter'kan opened two others sliding doors situated on the left side of the corridor and a room where weapons and hunting gear were put on displayed was revealed too. Emma walked inside followed by Ter'kan. That wasn't much different from the places she saw on board the ship except it was smaller. It didn't take her long to notice her spear put on display on a beautifully carved rack among many others weapons. She approached the rack, saying:
"My spear!...You brought my spear in here!..."
She stroked his arm gently.
"I'm so happy because these weapons belong to you, only, my Ter'kan!..."
He took her face between his hands then said looking into her eyes amorously:
"So, do I, lovely!...Didn't I tell you that our new life on my home planet will bring us even closer?"
They embraced for a short while then parted. Emma asked:
"Are these the same weapons you had on board the ship?
-No!...These are different ones!...I just added your spear because it's your only current weapon and you will need it for quite a while more before you adopt a new one!...
-I agree!..."
Ter'kan took her hand, saying:
"More things are yet to be seen!...
-I'm looking forward to discover them!..."

They left the weapons room and walked towards the exit of the corridor that was leading to another room. When Emma entered that place, the wow factor was immediate. It was a circular room, a lot bigger than the entrance with lamps made of white frosted glass and an oval, big window situated at the ceiling that distributes natural light during day time. There were also stairs on the left side near two high doors. Two open doors situated on the right side were leading to more rooms. 

"This place is amazing!..."
Terkan stroked her arm again, gently
-Now, we are standing inside the training area!...
-Is this...?"
She was about to ask a question but noises coming from outside distracted her. 
"What was that?
-Yu'dai, one of my apprentices is working in the garden!...All those who visited us on board the ship and helped with the bags came here in advance!...They cleaned and arranged the house before our arrival!...
-You are so considerate!...How do you know it's Yu'dai who's working in the garden?
-He's the one who always takes care of my garden!...He loves working in gardens and he does it very well!...
-Apparently your species is not fond of hunting and battling only!...
-There is a time for everything!...You have so many other matters to learn about the clan!...Gradually you will learn more new things about each member!...Totally different from those you've always seen them doing!...
-There are still so many surprises!...
-Absolutely!...Shall we continue the visit?"
Emma said with a cheerful tone:

Ter'kan grabbed her hand tenderly, walked a few steps.
"Like I said before, now we are standing in our training room!..."
He pointed towards the door situated on the right side:
"That's the entrance for the kitchen and the dining area that overlook the garden!...The other one nearby is the entrance to our sleeping quarters!...Come!..."

They went inside and found all the belongings, brought back from the ship, on the floor near the bed. Emma exclaimed:
"I'm happy to see my things again!..."
She released Ter'kan's hand, made a few steps. She looked around then added:
"Here again, the interior design is the same as the one we had on board the ship!..."
She pointed with her index towards another room, asking:
"Is this the entrance for the bathing room?
-Yes!...Come and see it!..."

Ter'kan walked towards the bathing room entrance, followed by Emma. The latter exclaimed again once they were inside:
"This bathing room is also based on the same design as the one we had on board the ship except it's much more beautiful!..."
They returned back in the bedroom.
"You haven't seen everything yet!...Let's continue the visit!..."
They left their bedroom. Now they were standing in the middle of the circular training room again. Emma asked:
"Where are these stairs leading to?
-To another room and the roofed balcony!...
-It must be such an enchanting place up there!...
-It is!..."

They went up stairs, holding hands. First they visited the roofed balcony. It was as big as a room and made entirely of white marble with the same kind of tribal decorations that could be seen in different parts of the house, offering a spectacular view over the garden surrounded by a wall and the forest nearby. Two tall and flowering trees with large blooms that looked like big, yellow cherry blossoms were situated on the right and left sides of the balcony. Certainly, these shaded the place during daytime.  

Now it was dark. All the lights of the house were put on, including the ones in the garden. Emma was charmed instantly, making comments about the flowering trees:
"Oh!...These are unbelievably cute!...What is it?
-Sunfruit blossoms!...
-I'm so happy!...My favourite fruit from your planet!...

A silence followed. They leaned over the railing of the balcony in order to look down in the garden. They saw Yu'dai watering a small tree. Ter'kan exchanged words with him then translated for Emma.
"He's almost done!..."
They stood silent, next to each other, still looking at Yu'dai. Emma asked questions about the young male.
"How old is Yu'dai?
-He is 168 years old which makes almost 16 in human age!...
-You said he is one of your apprentices!...Do you train him for his Rite of Passage?
-Yes, I do!..."

Now Emma was looking in the distance and noticed that the roofed balcony of the second's dwelling could be seen easily from her own balcony. She expressed her thoughts:
"We can have a good overview of Seki'sen's balcony!...
-Yes!...We can!..."
Ter'kan exchanged other words with Yu'dai who just finished his work in the garden. The young male took his leave of the leader, bowing slightly. Emma asked, still looking at the second's balcony:
"Do you think Seki'sen is already home?
-Surely!...His mates need him as much as he needs them!...
-What's going to happen?
-Many things!...He's been away for so long!...
-I can imagine!..."
Emma had a slightly distorted expression of disgust on her face. She asked after another brief silence, changing the subject:
"Would you show me the other room?
-Of course!..."

They left the balcony and entered a wide and empty room, holding hands. Emma expressed her thoughts once more:
"This room is so beautiful too!...Do you use it?
-Yes!...When my son comes to visit me and stays for several days!..."
She smiled.
"I remember how pleasant my first encounter with Alrik'taden was!.. I can't wait to see him again!...
-I'm sure he is also waiting for the same opportunity!..."
Emma paused then said:
-Yes, my love!...
-Can...I ask you a private question?
-Of course, you can!... Alrik'taden's mother?"
He released Emma's hand and made a few steps towards the window. He turned then said:
"She died a long time ago!...
-What happened?
-She died giving birth to Alrik'taden's brother!...
-How old was Alrik'taden at that time ?
-Sixty years old which makes almost 5 in human age!...
-He was very young!...I don't think he kept much vivid memories about her!...
-No, he didn't!...
-What about your other son?
-He also died!...I lost him during a hunting party that took place just after his Rite of Passage!..."
Emma moved next to him.
"We all have very sad moments in our lives!...I had many too!...
-Yes!...I believe we all had and will still have to go through hardship!..."
He paused then added:
"Perhaps...this a conversation for another time!...
-I agree!...We will talk about our unhappy events later!..."

He took her hand in his again and went down the stairs. They stopped in front of the two high, sliding doors situated nearby. Ter'kan said, opening the sliding doors:
"Here is the other bathing room!..."

They entered the place. It was a lot bigger than the one they had near their bedroom. The floor was paved with white marble. The walls were decorated with blue, white and gold tiles, creating intricate and fancy mosaics. A pool was occupying  the middle of the room with one floor lamp at each corner, made of the same material as those in the entrance. A high window that started at mid-wall reaching up to the ceiling offered a view outside. Emma exclaimed again, walking towards the pool.

"It gives such a relaxing feeling!...We could spend hours in here!...
Emma smiled then looked through the window. Ter'kan added:
"It's a good overall view on the garden!..."
Emma went back next to him, saying:
"It is, my Ter'kan!..."
She stroke his arm gently.
"I love this house!..."
He took her face in his hands then said, looking into her eyes:
"I also love it!...I started loving it even more since you are with me!..."
She kissed one of his hand. They left the place. Ter'kan asked while he was closing back the doors:
"Would you like to take a look at the garden now?
-No!...I think it would be better to visit it tomorrow in daylight!...If you don't mind...I'd like to start preparing the room for the night!...
-As you wish!..."

They went back to the bedroom. Emma said:
"There is no need to unpack everything tonight!...
First they made the bed then chose the bags they needed to unpack for their nightly preparation. They freshened up as soon as they were done then spent the rest of the evening, resting on the bed and evoking the past events that took place hours earlier. 
Ter'kan and Emma were lying on their sides next to each other. They were discussing, looking into each other's eyes.

"I will never forget that meeting with the Adjudicators!...
-They are the most powerful in the Yautja society!...They are the law and supreme rulers and meeting them will always be impressive and this no matter how often you've already met them before!...
-They could have done with me anything they wanted to!...
-That's right!...
-I've always wondered what they said about me!...I am sure they asked you countless questions!...
-They did!...I had to explain everything from the beginning!...Where we met!...How our relationship progressed gradually!...Our current feelings towards each other and our upcoming plans!...And to be honest with you, one of the reason they accepted you it was because I am of high rank and you are my mate!...
-I expected that!...I knew your rank would influence them in their decisions!...
-You'd be glad to know that towards the end of the meeting they all agreed you are so well-behaved and worthy of being a clan leader's mate!..."

Emma sighed with comfort, smiling.

"I am so happy!..."
A brief silence followed. Ter'kan caressed her tenderly then continued:
"They also appreciated the fact you train very much!...
-This encourages me and for this I can't wait to move to a higher level!...
-I'm sharing your feelings!..."

Emma caressed him, mentioning more events that took place earlier.

"Does Seki'sen have only one brother?
-You said he is quite different!...Could you be more specific?"
Ter'kan had a joyous laugh because, certainly, he expected that Emma would come up with this question sooner or later.
"He also likes opposite sex company very much but...his approach is different!...He doesn't chase females, expressing himself with seductive, pushy and sexual behaviour at the same time until they succumb to him!...No!...Ser'kah will seduce slowly until he will arouse the passion of the ones he wants little by little!...Sometimes he put himself into troubles because there were females who became too impatient and this led to violent behaviour "
Emma laughed softly then said:
"It runs into the family!...I bet their father is the same!...
-He was!...He died many years ago!...
-I see!..."

Ter'kan continued while he was stroking her hand very gently.

"Emma, lovely...since you opened this subject...I'd like to inform you about something!...'
She laughed softly again then said:
"I can't get enough surprises today!...
-You...already caught Ser'kah's attention!...And...he is not the only one because many saw you while you were standing at the entrance of the ship!...
-What do you think about all this?
-Some aren't to be ignored!...Of course, it will depend on you!...
-What do you mean?
-Intimate relations can be used for different purposes!...I...will tell you more about it later!...
-Yautja Prime still has so many events to unveil for me!..."

Emma yawned then added.

"I really had a busy day!...I am tired!..."
She laid on her stomach with her face turned to one side. Ter'kan leaned on his elbow. He said, caressing her back:
"I wish you a good night, lovely!...
-Thank you, my Ter'kan!...My first night on Yautja Prime!..."
He got off the bed. She asked:
"What are you doing? I thought you're going to sleep with me!...
-Not now!...I'm not sleepy!...I'd prefer doing some new arrangement in our house!...
-I understand!...Good night, my Ter'kan!...
-Good night, lovely!..."

Ter'kan left the bedroom and retired in the weapons and hunting gear room. Later on, when he went back to the bedroom, he found Emma sleeping on her back. He sat next to her slowly and looked at her for a short while then laid on his back too. He fell asleep within minutes, listening to her breathing.
Back to the Hunters's World.

Part 3. (1)

Sixth month. Fourth day of the third week.

Emma just entered the controlling room and found some seats occupied. She went near the pilot posts and stood there for a while, behind Ter'kan's seat, looking through the window. The sky was becoming brighter as they were approaching the planet. The leader sensed her presence behind. He turned and said:

"We will land soon!..."

Emma smiled then moved away and sat. Her feelings were a mix of happiness and anxiety. She had been waiting for this since months and still at this very moment she couldn't believe what she was experiencing. She was about to land on a planet that she'd been totally unaware of less than a year ago. She will enter into that new world and start a new life.

The landing process just started and the ship was encountering slight turbulence. Emma was sitting still, concentrating on the tremors that were shaking the ship vertically from time to time. She had her eyes fixed on the window of the pilot posts situated a few meters in front of her. Gusts of sandy wind swept across the window for a while then all became bright with blue and white colors. The two suns appeared partially hidden by white and big clouds. 

The more the ship was descending the more the light was becoming brighter too. Suddenly a ray of light hit the seat near Emma. She shielded her eyes by placing her hand above. She stood up because she wanted to have a better look but the sensation of another tremor made her sit back. Now the sound of the engine was louder. Meanwhile Ter'kan and his 
comrades were making all sort of manipulations, preparing the ship for its descent. 

Minutes later, tall buildings and ships of various shapes and sizes were in sight then the engine became silent. Ter'kan exchanged some words with Seki'sen and Shun'ji then the three of them stood up. 

Ter'kan went close to Emma who was still seated and said:
"Welcome to Yautja Prime, lovely!..."
Emma looked up, smiling.
"Thank you so much, my Ter'kan!...This wonderful and emotional moment shall remain in my memory forever!...I am so happy to be here with last!...
-So, do I!..."
He caressed her right cheek. Emma stood up. Seki'sen and Shun'ji just went out of the controlling room. The other hunters also started evacuating the place. Ter'kan was the last to get out after he had given Emma explanations about the upcoming events.
"I'll join you in our quarters once I'll be done with the ceremonial welcome!...
-Alright!...I'll be waiting for you!..."

Ter'kan stroked her cheek again then went away. Emma moved towards the pilot posts as soon as she was left alone. She was leaning against the console, looking through the window. Now she was able to have a much better and clearer insight of the landscape she had seen during the descent. There was a gigantic open space surrounded by buildings of various heights on the left which suggested the start of a big city. First, she admired the view in the distance before she concentrated again on the activities that were taking place on the ground outside. Despite the fact she had already lived with her love species for months, she couldn't help but being impressed because now she was seeing so many of them at once. There were crowds coming and going around the ships, constantly. 

Emma glanced round the buildings outside once more then left the controlling room, holding the dried bunch of flowers in one hand. She headed towards the place which gives access to the big and sophisticated, sliding doors. She positioned herself on the right side of the doorway, almost hiding. First she observed the activities for a short while before she decided to show herself. 

They noticed her right away. Those who were the nearest stopped and stared at her with visible bewilderment. Emma was also staring back at them, standing still. The scene repeated itself several times. These encounters gave her the opportunity to see females for the very first time. At first she was confused because all had the same facial features with tall and muscular bodies. Besides their dressing styles were pretty much similar too. That was until she started being aware of one difference. Most of them were taller than males and had small, round breasts. That's when she realized, she was looking at females. 

Suddenly she startled with a feeling of admiration because there was a scene in the distance, not too far from her ship that caught her interest. She was witnessing how Ter'kan and his comrades were receiving the ceremonial welcome from a male adorned with a red and long mantle and a group that was standing behind him. It lasted for a while with many 
exchanged words and gestures performed at the same time. They parted after one last ceremonial sign. Ter'kan and Seki'sen moved away whereas the rest of the clan were returning to the ship. They were going up the ramp one by one. By now, she started feeling a bit uneasy because some were staring at her too intensively. She gave the crowd one last glance then went back to her quarters.

She started packing, going here and there. Different sounds were coming from the corridor because her comrades were as busy as she was. They were also packing, exchanging words occasionally. She moved to the bathing room once she was done in the bedroom and continued packing her belongings and Ter'kan's tidily, thinking in the meantime about the encounters she just had outside. She was folding towels when the sound of footsteps came from the bedroom. She hurried outside with a smile on her face but stopped short in the doorway. Ter'kan just entered the place and he wasn't alone. A male slightly taller than him with darker brown-greenish stripes was standing next to him. Emma stared at the newcomer for a short while then spoke to her love :

"Good to see you again, my Ter'kan!...
-It's a mutual feeling, lovely!...May I introduce you my son, Alrik'taden!..."
Emma stepped forward, smiling with an adorably embarrassing expression on her face. Alrik'taden stepped forward too.
"Good afternoon, Emma!...How are you? My father told me many things about you!..."

Emma looked at Ter'kan then said, staring back at his son.

"Good afternoon!...I'm fine!...Thank you!...
-I'm sure, we will become good friends!...
-I'm sure about that too!...We will spend good time together!..."
She gave Ter'kan another glance then continued:
"Your father and I will expect your visit once we will finish moving into our house!...
-I promise, I will remember your invitation!..."

Ter'kan added in order to show his contentment:

"I'm satisfied how this meeting is progressing so far!..."
Alrik'taden had a brief conversation with his father then talked to Emma again:
"I apologize!...I must go!...See you soon!..."
Emma answered, smiling again:
"See you again soon!..."
Alrik'taden left the room. Emma expressed her delight right after.

"He's so pleasant to be around!...I already like him very much!...
-I'm sure he got the same impression about you!...
-He looks like you so much!...The same skin colors and facial features!...I felt that even his personality must be like yours!...
-Like mine with a whimsical addition from time to time!..."
Emma had a soft laugh.

"I knew good surprises were waiting for me on Yautja Prime!...And this is one of them!..."
He stroke her cheek gently, saying:
"You make people like you!...I'm convinced your presence among us will be accepted without difficulty even by the mightiest, that's why now I would like to talk about a very important matter! and me will have to meet the Adjudicators!..."
Emma frowned at him then asked:
"Who are they?
-They are the administrators and supreme law enforcers!...They are world leaders and the ruling class in the Yautja society!...It's my duty to introduce you to them!... I've already arranged our meeting!..."

Emma sighed. The smile on her face turned into a serious expression. Ter'kan reassured her because he understood what was going on in her mind.

"Emma!...Love!...Don't be afraid!...That's a necessary formality in order to show them you are with me and explain your purposes on our planet!...
-I am sure anybody would fear this kind of meeting!...
-I agree with you!...
-What is going to happen? Are there any rules the way I should talk and behave?
-Yes, there are!... Not too many but it's imperative that you respect those rules and apply them without mistakes!...
-I understand!...Would you excuse me but I must finish preparing the bags!...Come!...Let's talk in the bathing room.

Ter'kan  went into the bathing room with Emma. He spent the next hour, teaching her those rules. Luckily she found them quite easy to remember. Later on they were standing in the bedroom again, discussing some details about the place where the meeting with the Adjudicators will take place, when five young males entered their quarters. They saluted, bowing to the leader slightly. They were shorter than Ter'kan without any visible scars on their bodies. 

"Emma!...These young males are some of my apprentices!...They are here to help!...They will carry our belongings back to our home!...Do you have any special requests?"

Emma understood they were unblooded teenagers. She said, showing with her index finger the bags that were put down on the bed:

"No!...Thank you!...I don't have any!...I just want them to help with these bags and those left in the bathing room!..."

Ter'kan spoke to the young males. They grabbed all the bags then left the room after exchanging a respectable farewell with the leader. Ter'kan approached Emma as soon as the others were gone. He stroked her shoulders very gently, saying:

"We must leave!...How are you feeling?

-I'm feeling much better since you taught me those rules!..."
He also stroked her cheek which made her smile. They left the room after one last glance around. First they walked without exchanging any words but Emma expressed herself once they were out of the corridor of the living quarters:
"It's always sad to leave a place where we've experienced many wonderful moments!...
-We will be back again, soon!..."

They just entered the space that gives access to the exit of the ship. Ter'kan reminded Emma some rules then got out, going down the ramp with her. It was very hot. They were walking next to each other among ships. Groups were staring at Emma silently before starting their conversations again. Emma was making crowds freeze with astonishment wherever she was passing by. And wherever she was passing by there was one word uttered from time to time. Ooman. It didn't take her long to understand the meaning because it sounded a lot like the English word human.

Ter'kan and Emma entered finally a gigantic building after a fifteen minutes walk. They walked through a long and wide corridor filled with crowds. Emma received the same kind of attention when she was walking outside. They entered inside a big room. that looked like an antechamber once they reached the end of the corridor. It was guarded by four heavily armed warriors whereas a fifth one was standing in front of two wide and high doors. Ter'kan spoke to that one while Emma was waiting at distance. The fifth warrior opened the doors as soon as their conversation was over. Ter'kan waved at Emma, saying:

"Emma!... Come!...And...remember everything I told you!...
-I will!..."

They went into a very big and circular room with a dome-shaped and very high ceiling. The floor was decorated with a wide and black circle in the middle of which there was a smaller and red one. Warriors were standing in a line on the left and right side of the black circle. 

Ter'kan and Emma walked until they stopped in the middle of the red circle. Eleven Adjudicators were sitting at a long, marble table.
The one who seemed to have the most power started talking with Ter'kan. Meanwhile Emma was standing still with her face lowered, fixing a point on the floor. It lasted for a long time. Long enough to make her really wonder and raise her worries. Now the ten others seated to the right and to the left of the one who was leading the meeting were also exchanging words with Ter'kan, alternately.

All of a sudden, Emma startled slightly because Ter'kan just spoke to her.
She answered with her face still lowered:
-Emma!...They wish to have a better insight at your face!...Would you please look at all of them at once by turning your face to the right then to the left before you lower your gaze again?"
She answered with a low and a slightly trembling tone:

Emma did as she was asked to then took her former position, looking at the same spot on the floor again. The one who was leading the meeting, continued exchanging words with Ter'kan. From then on, Emma became even more anxious. Ter'kan spoke to her again. 

"Emma!...They don't see anything wrong with your presence as long as you are staying with me!...Now... we can leave!...Greet them the way I taught you then walk backwards, your face still lowered until you are out of the red circle!...Then you can turn your back and exit!...

Emma executed the orders she was asked to once again. The moment she entered the antechamber again with Ter'kan walking by her side, she sighed with relief. She expressed her thoughts:

"That was one of the most impressive meeting of my life!...
-I believe you!...You'd be glad to know that they were also impressed how perfect your attitude was!..."
Emma smiled.
"I just applied the rules you taught me!...
-You did very well!...I was proud of you!..."

They left the antechamber. They were walking again along the wide corridor. Emma was showered with the same attention again. The moment they were about to exit, they stumbled across a male who had quite a showy style. In addition to the basic hunting gear, he was wearing a shiny, silver colored codpiece. A piece of black and turquoise blue striped fur was hanging from his left hip. His chest and biceps were decorated with barbaric jewellery made of tiny skulls and marble beads.  

Ter'kan and the other male started exchanging words after the usual greetings. Emma was standing nearby, staring at the other male's face because the colors and patterns of his skin looked like those of Seki'sen pretty much. Even his facial features were quite similar to Seki'sen's. He noticed her interest, gave her a brief glance while he was talking with Ter'kan. This gave Emma the opportunity to see the colors of his eyes. One was light yellow and the other light brown with orange. A short moment later they parted. Emma asked once they were walking outside:

"Who was it? You seemed to know him well!...
-That was Ser'kah!...Seki'sen's brother!...
-Seki'sen's brother? Really? Oh!..I knew there might be a relation!...I was struck by his resemblance with the second the moment, I saw him!...
-Your feelings were right!...
-How old is he?
-He is 552 years old!...
-What about his personality? Is he like Seki'sen?
-No!...He is quite different!..."
Emma added after a brief silence:
"I found his eyes strange and yet beautiful!...
-You've already noticed that, haven't you!"
Emma had a soft laugh.
"Yes!...I have!...

The light was diminishing. The sky had the colors of fire because the two suns already started setting on the horizon. Now they were crossing a wide and long, covered bridge that led to a part of the city. Crowds were coming and going in both directions. Needless to say that Emma caught the attention of many again, especially males!

Moments later they came out onto a long and very clean street which was less crowed than the bridge. There were shops of various sizes on both sides, selling everything for a comfortable daily life. They had to stop several times because Emma wanted to take a closer look at the displayed merchandise of some shops. 

She started asking questions midway because in the distance, she could see trees that suggested they were approaching a forest. Ter'kan gave explanations about the location of the clan's settlement. She became enthusiastic because she couldn't believe how close she was to the place she had dreamed about for months. A place where her relation with Ter'kan will blossom even more!

"The clan's settlement is situated at the end of the street inside the forest!...
-It must be really beautiful and quite!...It's good to know that the others members of the clan will live in close proximity from us!...
-I knew you would like the idea!..."

Now they were almost at the end of street and the sight of the forest was becoming more evident. Emma stopped again because another shop caught her interest. It was a sweets shop. Something she didn't expect to find because Ter'kan never had had such a food on board the ship. 

A moment later they came out onto a tree-lined path. More trees and vegetation on both sides could be seen beyond those trees.
Ter'kan and Emma walk through that path for a short while until the first dwelling was in sight among the trees. It was like very big, white marble cubes of various sizes put together with small windows partially decorated with stained-glass. Another one followed placed at distance from the previous one. Ter'kan explained that all the dwellings of settlement were situated here and there at distance, one from the other inside the forest. Emma noticed the vegetation had striking resemblances with the one from Earth in the present day and also with a much more ancient one. As a matter of fact some trees were similar to those that appeared a thrived during the Carboniferous Period. Certainly, such a discovery must have delighted her because of her former profession.

A third dwelling came in sight then a fourth. They just saw two tall figures standing on a roofed balcony as big as a room when a fifth dwelling came in sight. She asked:
-Who are they?
-Mar'ten lives there!...They are his mates!
-Does he have only two?
-Yes!...Sometimes...he lives with only one mate for days because the other one is away!...
-Where does she go?
-She spends time with other males!...
-What about him? Does he go with other females too?
-Yes, he goes from time to time !...
-Ah!...Does everybody do the same?
-Almost!...Its a way of living!.. They might have their favourite mates but they also seek enjoyment with other partners from time to time!..."

They moved on, passing by other dwellings. Ter'kan continued giving her explanations, telling her who was living in such-and-such a place. Now they were almost at the end of the path. Two more dwellings, situated at distance on both sides of the path came in sight. Ter'kan said by pointing to the one situated on the left:

"Seki'sen lives in this one!..."
Then he pointed towards another one situated at the end of the alley:
Ours is over there!..."
Emma stopped. First she glanced at their dwelling then looked at Seki'sen's. She asked after a brief silence, still looking at it:
"How many mates does he have?
-That's a lot!...
-There are more but...they don't live with him!...
-I told you, he had many mates!...
-How many of them exactly?
-No one really knows!..."
Emma chuckled then said, trying to be witty.
"I bet if his dick could talk, it would also have troubles telling how many of them!..."

Ter'kan looked at her, clicking his mandibles for a joyous laugh. Emma had a big smile on her face not only because she was amused by her own words but also because they were coming nearer and nearer to their dwelling. When they arrived in front of the open door,
the twilight was at its most melancholic moment. Ter'kan took Emma's hand in his and entered the house. 

Despite of the annoying and sad occurrences it's good to know there are still people who truly appreciate my work.
I also got some encouraging notes or comments, telling me they'd wish to continue reading 'He came from the stars.'
I want you to know that your kind words make me happy. :) (Smile) Heart However I'm hesitating and need more time in order to decide if I'll continue posting the rest of my fan fiction.Sun 


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